Internship Application Check List

Bus 89b

Get a job or internship related to your major field/program of study. Obtain a SIGNED and dated offer letter from your employer which includes the following information:
  •  Employer name (offer letter must be on company letterhead)
  •  Job title
  •  Physical address of the work location (include street, city, state, and zip code; not P.O. Box)
  •  Specific employment start and end dates (Start and end dates must be written in Month/Day/Year format)

Please note that the you must be enrolled in the internship course prior to your starting your internship. For academic credit, your internship must be a minimum of least 6 weeks long and at least 100 working hours.

  • Specify full-time (21 or more hours/week) or part-time (1-20 hours/week) employment
  • Name of your supervisor
  •  List of daily job responsibilities (this is very important!)
  • Complete Internship Registration Form.
  • Once your internship is approved, you will be enrolled in the Bus 89b course

International Students will also need to complete the CPT application