Business Program

Internship Course Information (BUS 89b)

Three students in suits do a presentation at the front of the room.

BUS 89b is a half-course credit and may be taken twice for credit. The course does not count towards the minor in Business. BUS 89b may not be taken for credit by students who took Bus 89a in prior years. Students must arrange an internship placement prior to registration and the internship is concurrent with the seminar. Students wishing to fulfill the internship component during the summer must obtain approval from the instructor prior to the internship and then enroll in the following fall (or spring) semester. The course encourages students to pool experiences and lessons drawn from various business environments and to analyze and discuss them in the context of related readings.


The minimum number of hours worked for the company for this internship is 100 hours in accordance with UCC guidelines for internships. Internship workload includes preparation time on the journals / forums, paper outline, seminar participation, and final paper. The overall workload for this class is expected to be a minimum of 130 hours. Student interns may work more than the minimum number of hours. The Internship can be either paid or unpaid.

Course Requirements

  1. Students will meet together in bi-monthly via Zoom. 

  2. Students must submit the following deliverables by the end of the semester, regardless if their internship is completed or not:

    • A structured journal / forum documenting the internship and addressing certain broad questions in the area of career planning must be kept by all participants. Journal entries will be part of the online forums and submitted bi-weekly.
    • A summary report drawing upon the principles and frameworks from your curriculum to reflect upon (i) the content of the work completed for the internship as it relates to your curriculum framework, and (ii) the organizational dynamics of the internship including client relations. The length of the paper should be approximately 5 pages.


Note that this course is graded based on your attendance, summary report, and presentation.

Students interested in registering for this course should read this checklist. If you have any questions please be in touch with Prof. JC Makolo ( .