Davis Projects for Peace Faculty Mentors

Faculty Mentor Requirements

The Davis Projects for Peace Faculty Mentor…

  • Must be a Brandeis faculty member with expertise in the project area.
  • Advises the awarded student as the student develops the project and finalizes implementation.
  • Approves the budget (COMPACT disburses funds and tracks expenditures).
  • Offers general oversight of the project.
  • Faculty mentor and student remain in contact over the summer, checking in with the student for updates at least once per month. 
    • The purpose of the summer check-ins is to help mentor the student, answer any questions they have about the project or timeline, or provide guidelines on how they can use the funds. 
    • Another key component is to help the student stay on track with all of the Davis reporting requirements and to ensure they adhere to all deadlines. Students who feel well supported have better experiences, and it's important for them to know they have the university’s support and mentorship along the way. 
    • The faculty mentor helps the student when "issues" arise in terms of how to stay true to the project while pivoting along the way as needed.
  • Works in tandem with the Davis Projects for Peace campus liaison to propose modifications to project or budget in the case of unforeseen events.
  • Approves the student's final report by September 5, following the summer during which the project is carried out.

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