Adina Steinman ’16

Adina SteinmanEconomics and Business Major

Adina Steinman, originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, double majored in Economics and Business at Brandeis. She began her education at Brandeis aware that she enjoyed studying subjects with a more quantitative approach, though she was unsure how to apply this interest to her studies. She decided to try an Introduction to Economics course to see if this subject would be of any interest. She was immediately fascinated by the field of Economics, as it allowed her to utilize her strength in mathematics, combined with a real-world application. She continued her studies in Economics, where she particularly enjoyed Econ 83a (Statistics for Economic Analysis), and later became a Teaching Assistant for that course.

She is especially thankful for the incredible professors that she has had in the Economics department. It is these professors that have motivated her to continue her studies in Economics beyond her undergraduate career, and she hopes to pursue a Masters in Economics in the UK upon graduating from Brandeis.