Examining Media's Place in the American Experience

The Brandeis University Journalism Program examines the place of the media in the American — and more broadly speaking, the global — experience. The program offers students a unique, liberal-arts approach to the study of journalism. A diverse faculty of scholars and journalism professionals teach students about the role of the media in domestic and international affairs and train students in the skills necessary for the accomplished practice of journalism. In class and in professional environments, students wrestle with the challenges and responsibilities of communicating the essence of issues and world events in both print and broadcast journalism.

The program is part of the university’s larger effort to train students to be critical thinkers and forceful writers. It is not a nuts-and-bolts communication program; rather it features a strong liberal arts curriculum that grounds students in an academic subject area and gives them the tools to translate and transmit knowledge to a general audience.

In the core courses and electives, students study the history and organization of media institutions; examine the ethical responsibilities of media practitioners; analyze the relationships among the media and other American social, political and corporate institutions; and learn the reporting, writing and editing skills needed by the print, broadcast and online media.