Essay Prize

The Jane's Essay Prize is awarded annually to an undergraduate student who writes the best paper in Latin American and Latino studies. It carries a $500 cash prize.

Eligibility Guidelines (2019-2020)

The competition is open to undergraduates in all concentrations and classes at Brandeis University. Submissions are limited to one paper per student. Professors may also submit their students' papers for the competition.

Papers must have been written between May 1, 2019, and March 20, 2020, in any area of Latin American, Caribbean or Latino studies. Any substantial research paper may be submitted, including term papers, two-term senior theses or one-semester senior essays. The paper may be written in English or Spanish.


A committee of faculty members in the Latin American and Latino Studies Program (LALS) will select the winner of the competition. The award will be based on:

The winner will be announced within two weeks of March 24th, 2020 Deadline.

Deadlines and Submission

Due to COVID-19 our submission deadline is now is Friday April 17,  2020 before midnight. Papers written after May 1, 2019 may be submitted any time before the deadline; early submission of papers is appreciated. Professors may also submit their students' papers for the competition.

Submissions should be emailed to the academic administrator of the LALS Program.

Essay Winners

Spring 2019

Recipient  Title 
Alex Ashley  LA COMERCIALIZACIÓN DEL MURAL PORTEÑO: Navegando el nexo complejo entre el muralismo y la gentrificación en Valparaíso, Chile


Winner Topic
Arianna Keigan “Black Caribbean Domestic Laborers and National Claims to Modernity: A History of Dependence and Myth-Making”
Rachel Portnoy

“El femicidio en Ciudad Juárez: ¿Cómo se representa en el cine?” [English] “Femicide in Ciudad Juárez: How is it represented in the movies?”


Winner Topic
Ledia Erkou

“El disfraz, el engaño y la codificación en las obras de la temprana edad moderna”

Marian Gardner “Los riesgos sobre la salud de los trabajadores inmigrantes bolivianos en los talleres textiles en la Ciudad Autónoma Buenos Aires: las experiencias de los trabajadores de la Cooperativa La Alameda” [English] “The health risks of Bolivian immigrant workers in textile workshops in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires: The experiences of workers at cooperative La Alameda”


Winner Topic
Hannah Marion

“La relación familia-escuela en Cuba y el papel de la familia como socializadora” [English] The Family-School Relationship in Cuba and the Socializing Role of Family”

Arielle Gordon

“Mothers, Midwives, Makers, and Murderers: The Politics of Child Killing in Caribbean Colonial Societies”