Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies

Purpose of the Thesis

An honors thesis is a highly challenging and rewarding undertaking. It allows a student to study a single topic in great depth and integrate knowledge gained in previous courses. A thesis requires a considerable commitment of time and attention and is normally undertaken by only a small number of graduating seniors. For the highly motivated student it does, however, provide a unique opportunity to conduct original research or explore new ways of thinking about a subject.


Thesis students must have a GPA of 3.5 in the courses counted toward the LACLS major. Students interested in completing an honors thesis should approach a faculty member during the early spring of their junior year. Juniors who are studying abroad should contact faculty members by email and obtain the agreement of the LACLS faculty member to serve as principal supervisor of the thesis before classes begin in the fall of senior year.


Students wishing to complete a senior thesis based in LACLS must register for a LACLS 99d each semester with the thesis advisor. In order to register, you need to complete an Add Form that includes your thesis advisor's signature, and then bring the form to the Registrar's office in Kutz.  Students who are double majoring have the option to write and defend a single joint honors thesis, and thus to graduate with honors in both their majors.

In all cases, a LACLS faculty member must be a member of the thesis committee, even when its primary home is the other department rather than LACLS.