How to Apply


February 27, 2023

Brandeis graduate students and undergraduates in all departments are eligible to apply, although priority is given to students in the LACLS major/minor and those who have not already received a Jane’s Grant. Proposals connected with an academic project at any level and with internships are eligible. Grants are also available for groups of students traveling to Latin America during breaks in connection with a class or structured study project.

Recipients will be required to present their research to the Brandeis community and LACLS program in connection with the LACLS 1a course,  and with a brief (@250 word) written description and any photos for circulation on social media and in the annual newsletter.

Recipients (undergraduate and graduate) must be enrolled at Brandeis during the semester after the travel or research.

Travel should be for a minimum of three weeks, with exceptions for some service trips conducted during breaks.


Research Advice for Undergradutes, from Undergraduates
Preparing Your Proposal

Before submitting a Jane’s Travel and Research Grant, you should have gathered the following information:

Jane’s Travel and Research Grant applications may be submitted via this form.

Proposals involving research with human subjects (interviews, participant observation, etc.) require proof of clearance from the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). The committee provides oversight and assurance that human subjects are protected from possible harm during the research. Approval may require several months, and students are therefore urged to work with faculty advisers to begin the process well before the submission of the travel grant proposal. Proposals still undergoing the review process may be submitted, with the understanding that the release of funds depends on final approval.

If you have questions concerning your project, and whether it requires the approval of the HRPP, please contact your advisor or The Brandeis Human Research Protection Program

Proposals are reviewed by a committee of faculty members from the LACLS program. Applicants may be called for an interview at the committee's discretion.

Please contact the academic administrator Roberta Brock for any questions.