The grants cover research expenses such as travel, room and board and photocopying. It does not fund study at a foreign institution or cover tuition, internship fees or the purchase of durable equipment such as tape recorders, cameras or laptop computers. Research is prioritized, but service programs will be considered when funds are available.

Brandeis graduate students and undergraduates in all departments are eligible to apply, although students in the LALS major/minor receive highest priority. Proposals connected with a senior project, departmental honors thesis, independent research, internship, master's thesis or doctoral dissertation are eligible. Small grants are also available for groups of students traveling to Latin America during inter-semester or spring breaks in connection with a class or structured study project. Recipients will be required to make a presentation on the research to the Brandeis community upon return during the LALS 1a course offered every Spring term, as well as to provide a 250-300 word write up and at least one picture of their research findings for the LALS Facebook page and LALS annual Newsletter.

The travel grant may be combined with other university grants, such as the Sachar, Peace Prize, undergraduate and Richter Research awards, or individual departmental funds. Projects involving research with human subjects (interviews, participant observation, etc.) will require clearance from the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP). For further information, visit the Office of Research Administration website.

Undergraduates may use the awards to conduct research during inter-semester break, spring break, or the summer. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in all majors are eligible to apply for the inter-semester break, spring break, or summer research grants; seniors may apply only for the inter-semester grant. Graduate students may schedule research within six months of receiving the grant.

Graduate students may apply for the grant only if they will be enrolled as a student at Brandeis during the semester or year after their research trip. The individual inter-semester research trips may begin any time after December 5 or once finals or course papers are completed and turned in, whichever comes first, and must be of at least two-and-a-half weeks' duration; the length of the group or class spring break trips will be considered when that application is submitted. The summer research trips may begin any time after May 5, and must be at least four weeks long.