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The School of Arts and Sciences, which includes the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, is the academic heart of Brandeis University.

The School is known for its internationally renowned faculty, world-class teaching, diverse student body, small class size and abundance of research and community engagement opportunities for its intellectually curious and high-achieving students. The School of Arts and Sciences has four divisions: Creative Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Science.

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Majors and minors

We offer more than 40 majors and minors in the sciences, social sciences, humanities and creative arts. When you’re as curious as we are, it can be hard to pick — which is why almost half our students declare a double major.

The Brandeis Core

The Brandeis Core is the engaging, shared academic experience for all students entering Brandeis in fall 2019. The Core is designed holistically to guide your intellectual growth and understanding while helping you develop practical skills that you will use throughout your lifetime. The Brandeis Core also embodies the university’s founding principles of academic rigor, robust debate and justice.

Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences

Learn about diversity efforts, institutional policies, academic initiatives and more.