Class Correspondent

Roslyn Laufgraben Bernstein reviewed “The Left Front: Radical Art in the ‘Red Decade,’ 1929-1940,” an art exhibition at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery, for Guernica magazine. A professor at Baruch College, CUNY, Roslyn believes her interest in the left was nurtured by attending Herbert Marcuse’s early-1960s lectures on Communist philosophy. Terri Castellana Orr officiated at the marriage of Jennifer Haimson, the daughter of Barry Haimson, to Andy Price. The couple found Terri online as they searched for an officiant. Marshall Stein, P’90, is enjoying retirement and his newest incarnation: novelist. In May, he read from his 2013 crime thriller “Rage Begets Murder” to the Brandeis National Committee’s Gotham chapter. In other news, Marshall’s wife, Helene ’66, P’90, was selected to be a delegate to the 2015 Massachusetts Democratic Convention.

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