Class Correspondent

30th Reunion
June 3-5, 2016

Debby Chui was promoted to vice president at East Boston Savings Bank. She joined the bank as assistant vice president in 2014. In her new role, Debby focuses on growing and managing the branch’s deposits as well as overseeing its daily operations. Laurel Fletcher teaches international human-rights law at the University of California, Berkeley. She and colleague Roxanna Altholtz co-wrote an essay that appeared as a New York Times Op-Ed. The piece discussed the ongoing conflict on the Dominican island of Hispaniola between native Dominicans and the Haitian immigrants who work in the island’s sugar, construction and tourism industries. Clara Kim was appointed executive vice president and general counsel at the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). She oversees all of ASCAP’s legal and business affairs, and manages its legislative team, internal and outside legal services, and business affairs. Before joining ASCAP, she served as executive vice president of business and legal affairs at National Geographic Channels U.S. and International. Jennifer Rosenberg is an independent marketing consultant specializing in the life-sciences, health-care and consumer-products industries. She has held leadership positions in marketing at Insulet, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories and Lederle Laboratories. Jennifer is a member of the board of directors of the Neighbor Brigade, which provides an organized way to help community members manage their daily routines during a difficult time. Ronni Rothman is celebrating 20 years as a certified nurse midwife. She estimates that more than 1,000 babies have been born into her hands. Though the hours aren’t ideal, she still considers being with women and families during such an important time in their lives a privilege. Ronni’s private practice, WomanWise Midwifery, is located outside Philadelphia. Lloyd Segal was appointed executive chairman of the board of directors of Diagnos, a leader in health-care technical services, including screening, software and algorithm development, data analysis, and image processing. He has been a director of the corporation since August 2014 and has experience in financing, developing and leading health-care companies. Earlier in his career, Lloyd served as CEO of Thallion Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company sold to Bellus Health in 2013.

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