Human Research Protection Program

IRB Meeting Schedules and Deadlines

The Brandeis Institutional Review Board usually meets during the third week of the month, at which time it reviews protocols and discusses relevant business. 

Protocols requiring full committee review may be sent back for revisions after the full committee discussion. Revisions will be discussed at the next full committee meeting. Therefore, review by the full committee can take two or more months. Please plan accordingly.

Remember: Only protocols involving greater than minimal risk to research participants require review by the full committee.

Protocols involving minimal risk to research participants (exempt and expedited protocols) are reviewed on a rolling basis. For help determining whether your protocol qualifies for exempt or expedited status, visit the Review Categories page.

Keep in mind that a protocol is considered complete and ready to send for review once the IRB administrator has received the electronic version of your protocol with all required signatures, and all pre-review revisions have been made and accepted.

Remember that multiple rounds of pre-review and/or full committee revisions may be required, so please plan your submission accordingly. 

If you are submitting a protocol for full committee review, your final revisions must be submitted no later than one week before the next IRB meeting to qualify for review at that meeting. The HRPP staff will work with you to ensure that your protocol is ready for review by the full committee.