Program Goals

The goal of the PhD program is to develop excellent researchers and teachers who will become leaders in psychological science either in academic or applied research settings. Research activity is emphasized from the start of graduate study. The program has an interdisciplinary focus, and it helps students to develop an area of research specialization while providing opportunities to bring various theoretical and methodological perspectives to work in their chosen area of training. These include not only perspectives from the discipline of psychology, but also from computer science, neuroscience, and biology. The program of study reflects the belief that an understanding of human behavior requires a consideration of body, brain, social, and developmental processes. Support for these goals is provided by an NIGMS training grant described in the Brain, Body, and Behavior section.


The general requirements for admission to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences apply to candidates for admission to this area of study. In general, applicants should have a strong science background typically including some experience with hands-on empirical research and statistical and computer analysis. Students are admitted on a competitive basis, which includes evaluation of previous academic records, recommendations, and results of the Graduate Record Examination.