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Spring 2023

Margie Lachman
Psychology Faculty Member Wins 2023 Mentoring Award
Congratulations to Dr. Margie Lachman as a co-recipient of the 2023 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean's Mentoring Award.
2023 Verna Regan Award

Congratulations to PhD students Hannah Park and Luke Sim, who have been selected as the recipients for the 2023 Verna Regan Award for Graduate Fellows in Psychology! The award is given annually to a PhD student who has demonstrated exceptional ability as a teaching fellow.

Brandeis Three Minute Thesis Compe
Congratulations to PhD students Liz Mahon and Jillian Franks for their presentations at the Brandeis University 3MT Competition! Jillian took Second Place in the Division of Science while Liz was the overall winner and won the People's Choice award.

Spring 2022

2022 Psychology Diploma Ceremony

Congratulations to the 2022 Brandeis graduates!

View the 2022 Psychology Diploma Ceremony (closed captioning available).

Congratulations to Psychology's Daniella Castillo Vasquez as recipient of a LACLS grant for the study of race, ethnicity and immigration!

2022 Verna Regan Award

Congratulations to PhD students Ashley Gilliam and Elizabeth Mahon, who have been selected as the recipients for the 2022 Verna Regan Award for Graduate Fellows in Psychology! The award is given annually to a PhD student who has demonstrated exceptional ability as a teaching fellow.

Rachel Jin
Brandeis Three Minute Thesis Competition

Congratulations to PhD student Rachel Jin for winning the Runner Up (Division of Science) and People's Choice awards at the Brandeis University 3MT Competition!

Fall 2021

Margie Lachman
Dr. Lachman Chosen for Award

Congratulations to faculty Dr. Margie Lachman, who has been selected for the Gerontological Society’s 2021 Distinguished Mentorship in Gerontology Award. According to the Society’s citation, “This award is given to an individual who has fostered excellence in, and had a major impact on, the field by virtue of their mentoring, and whose inspiration is sought by students and colleagues.” The award will be formally given during the Society’s meeting this fall.

Spring 2021

Xin Yao Lin
Dissertation Research Award

Congratulations to PhD student Xin Yao Lin of the Lifespan Developmental Psychology Laboratory, who recently received an APA dissertation award.

Graduation Ceremony Available

Congratulations to our 2021 graduates! You can view the virtual graduation ceremony here.

Past Awards

  • Recipients of the 2018 Teaching Innovation Grant include Professor Angela Gutchess (Teaching Learning Using the Science of Learning) and Professor Teresa Mitchell (An Image-based, Self-paced Module for Teaching and Learning Human Brain Anatomy). Teaching innovation grants focus on innovations in teaching and student assessment, addressing issues of diversity and inclusion, and team teaching/interdisciplinary course design

  • Professors Angela Gutchess and Bob Sekuler have received a 2018 Research Innovation Award for Perceptual and Mnemonic Differences across Cultures. Professors Hannah Snyder and Joy von Steiger (Brandeis Counseling Center) have won the same award for Promoting successful transitions to college for students at high risk for anxiety and depression. This award is aimed at early stage research to initiate innovative scholarly inquiry and creative activities that have the potential for significant, sustained impact.

  • Professor Robert Sekuler has been elected a fellow of the Society of Experimental Psychologists. The society was founded by Edward Titchener in 1904 and elects 6 new members annually from among the leading experimentalists in North America.

  • Professor Margie Lachman has received a 2015 Distinguished Career Contribution to Gerontology Award. To read more, visit the EurekAlert press release.

  • Professor Xiaodong Liu has received a 2015 Provost’s Innovations in Teaching Grant.

  • Professor Robert Sekuler has received a 2015 Provost’s Innovations in Research Grant.

  • Professor Angela Gutchess has received an Alzheimer’s Association New Investigator Research Grant.

  • Professor Shantanu Jadhav has won the prestigious Sloan Research Fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. To read more, visit the BrandeisNOW article.

  • Professor Raymond Knight accepted a Mentorship Award from the Society for Research in Psychopathology. He received this award in recognition of continuous dedication to mentoring students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty in the field of psychology.

  • Professor Arthur Wingfield received a Brandeis-Israeli Collaborative Seed Grant! He will be working with the IDC, in Herzliya to initiate collaborative research efforts there.

In the News

  • Dr. Shantanu Jadhav is featured in BrandeisNow: Wellington Prize Winnder Aims for the Stars. He was the winner of the 2016 Wellington Prize, with which he used to purchase a mechanical telescope.

  • Dr. Margie Lachman is featured in BrandeisNow: Financial Stress takes a toll on appearance.

  • Dr. Sheila Brownlow, who received her PhD from our program in 1989, and has now been named one of the 10 Must Take Psychology Professors in Charlotte, NC! 

  • Professor Katz is featured in BrandeisNow: How many senses do humans really have? Read the article to learn more about why he believes taste, smell, touch, sound and sight may be part of the same system!

  • A special issue of Research in Human Development, Just One Wish for the Study of Human Development, includes an article written by Prof. Margie Lachman.

  • Professor Robert Sekuler’s research with Timothy Hickey and Yile Sun is featured in BrandeisNOW. They used a computer game to collect data at the Museum of Science to investigate audiovisual interaction and the impact of sensory distraction.

  • Professor Margie Lachman is featured in BrandeisNOW for her research with the Boston Roybal Center for Active Lifestyle Interventions.

  • Dr. Gutchess reviews research on the aging brain as part of a special issue of Science, which looks at the mechanisms and contexts of successful brain aging.

  • Professor Ellen Wright is featured in the Brandeis Hoot.