Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Publications

Faculty members welcome undergraduate student participation in their labs. This provides rich opportunities to learn about research and even work with faculty members to coauthor research papers for publication in professional journals and books.

Recent articles published by faculty members and students include:

Behavior, Learning, and Electrophysiology of Chemosensation (Katz)
  • Flores, V.L., Moran, A., Bernstein, M., & Katz, D.B. (2016). Pre-exposure to salty and sour taste enhances conditioned taste aversion to novel sucrose. Learn Mem, 23, 221-228.

  • Flores, V.L., Parmet, T., Mukherjee, N., Nelson, S., Katz, D.b., & Levitan, D. (submitted). The role of gustatory cortex in experience-evoked enhancement of learning.

  • Fontanini, A., Grossman, S.E., Figueroa, J.A., and Katz, D.B. (2009). Distinct subtypes of basolateral amygdala taste neurons reflect palatability and reward. Journal of Neuroscience, 29, 2486-2495.

  • Fortis-Santiago, Y., Rodwin, B. A., Nesililer, S., & Katz, D. B. (2010). State-dependence of olfactory perception as a function of taste cortical activity. Nature Neuroscience, 13, 158-159.

Learning, Memory and Decision Making Lab (Jadhav)
  • Maharjan, D.M., Dai, Y.U., Glantz, E.H., & Jadhav, S.P. (2018). Disruption of dorsal hippocampal-prefrontal interactions using chemogenetic inactivation impairs spatial learning. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 155, 351-360.

Aging, Culture & Cognition Lab (Gutchess)
  •  Jackson, J., Luu, C., Vigderman, A., Leshikar, E., St. Jacques, P., & Gutchess, A. (in press). Reduction of the self-reference effect in younger and older adults. Psychology & Neuroscience.

  • Gutchess, A., Garner, L., Ligouri, L., Konuk, A.I., & Boduroglu, A. (2018). Culture impacts the magnitude of the emotion-induced memory trade-off effect. Cognition & Emotion, 32, 1339-1346.

  • Paige, L.E., Amado, S., & Gutchess, A.H. (2017). Influence of encoding instructions and response bias on cross-cultural differences in specific recognition. Culture & Brain, 5, 153-168.

  • Leshikar, E. D., Park, J., & Gutchess, A. H. (2015).  Similarity to the self affects memory for impressions of others in younger and older adults.  The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 70, 737-742.

  • Gutchess, A.H., Sokal, R., Coleman, J.A., Gotthilf, G., Grewal, L., & Rosa, N. (2015). Self-referential memory with age: Evidence for common and distinct encoding strategies.  Brain Research, 1612, 118-127.

  • Beadle, J.N., Sheehan, A., Dahlben, B., & Gutchess, A.H. (2015).  Aging, empathy, and prosociality.  The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences, 70, 213-222.

  • Schwartz, A. J., Boduroglu, A., & Gutchess, A. H. (2014).  Cross-cultural differences in categorical memory errors.  Cognitive Science, 38, 997–1007.

  • Millar, P.R., Serbun, S.J., Vadalia, A., & Gutchess, A.H. (2013). Cross-cultural differences in memory specificity.  Culture and Brain, 1, 138-157.

  • Cassidy, B.S., Leshikar, E.D., Shih, J.Y., Aizenman, A., & Gutchess, A.H. (2013).  Valence-based age differences in medial prefrontal activity during impression formation.  Social Neuroscience, 8, 462-473

  • Colton, G., Leshikar, E.D., & Gutchess, A.H. (2013).  Age Differences in Neural Response to Stereotype Threat and Resiliency for Self-Referenced Information.  Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 7, 537.

  • Gutchess, A. H., Schwartz, A. J., & Boduroglu, A. (2011).  The influence of culture on memory. In D.D. Schmorrow and C.M. Fidopiastis (Eds.): Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Lectures Notes in Computer Science, 6780, (pp. 67-76). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag.
Knight Lab (Knight)
  • Schatzel-Murphy, E., Harris, D., Knight, R. A., & Milburn, M. (2009). Sexual Coercion in Men and Women: Similar Behaviors, Different Predictors. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Arch Sex Behav., 38, 974-86.

  • Silverstein, S. M., Matteson, S., & Knight, R. A. (2004). Reduced top-down influence in auditory perceptual organization in schizophrenia. In M. B. Robinson-Riegler & G. L. Robinson-Riegler (Eds.), Readings in cognitive psychology: Applications, connections, and individual differences. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. (Originally published in Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 105, 663-667, 1996).

Vision Lab (Sekuler)
  • Aizenman, A., Gold, J.M., & Sekuler, R. (2017). Multi sensory integration in short term memory: Musicians do rock. Neuroscience (in press). 

  • Keller, A.S., Payne, I., & Seuker, R. (2017). Multi sensory divided attention: role of theta oscillations, Neuropsychology, 99, 48-63.

  • Keller, A.S. & R Sekuler (2015) Memory and learning with rapid audiovisual sequences.  Journal of Vision 15:7. doi: 10.1167/15.15.7.

  • Goldberg, H., Sun, Y., Hickey, T.J., Shinn-Cunningham, B. & Sekuler, R. (2015) Policing fish at Boston's Museum of Science: Studying audiovisual interaction in the wild.  i-Perception, 6.

  • Manning, J.R., Lew, T.F., Li, R., Sekuler, R. & Kahana, M.J. (2014) MAGELLAN: A cognitive map-based model of human wayfinding. Journal of experimental Psychology: General, 143, 1314-1330. 

  • Gold, J.M., Aizenman, A., Bond, S.M. & Sekuler, R. (2013) Memory and incidental learning for visual frozen noise sequences.  Vision Research, 99, 19-36.

CARD Lab (Wright)
  • Brickman, S., Saltzman, L., & Wright, E.J. (Nov 2017). Profiles of post-trauma adaptation after the 2013 Boston marathon bombings: A paper accepted for the annual meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies in Chicago, IL.

  • Brickman, S., & Wright, E.J. (Apr 2017). Emerging adulthood and the impact of age, coping, and emotion regulation on distress and child growth following the 2013 Boston Marathon. A poster presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development in Austin, TX.

  • Brickman, S., & Wright, E.J. (Mar 2017). Moderators and mediators of emotion regulation on post-trauma responses following Boston bombings. A poster presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Psychological Associtation in Boston, MA.

  • Li, L. & Wright, E.J. (May 2017). Effects of couple's empathy on relationship satisfaction: Attachment as a mediator. A poster presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Society in Boston, MA.

  • Schmidt, J. & Wright, E.J. (Apr 2016). Indirect and direct effects of perceived pubertal timing, gender, and pubertal status on depression during adolescence. A paper presented at the biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Adolescence in Baltimore, MD.