Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program

  • MKTYP students jumping below a balloon arch
  • Students engaged in class
  • Two students studying in the MKTYP lab
  • Students meeting in the academic services lobby
  • MKTYP students with Patriots owner Robert Kraft at Gillette stadium

Founded in 1968, Brandeis University's Myra Kraft Transitional Year Program (MKTYP) is an integral part of the University’s enduring commitment to social justice. Each year 200 students apply to Brandeis via the MKTYP, and 20 are admitted through this process. 

The program is targeted toward students who have developed the skills for college success by practicing leadership in their life experiences. The MKTYP experience allows these students to learn about new possibilities for their lives, and to apply the focus, energy, tenacity, perseverance, and maturity previously devoted to prevailing in the face of personal challenges, to now pursuing academic success. In other words, we are a program geared towards making good students, even greater!

Small classes and strong support systems in the first year help MKTYP students apply the focus, energy, perseverance and maturity developed through leadership practiced in their life experiences to rigorous studies at the postsecondary level. Students admitted through the program are outstanding students who often have not had access to AP courses and honors courses in their previous schooling experiences. The program enables this group of young people, who otherwise may not have had access, the opportunity to explore new possibilities for their lives.

Students who enter Brandeis through the MKTYP have a life-changing experience, and have their stories of success added to the university’s thousands of living testimonies of true ambition, resilience, courage, and triumph.