Social media at Brandeis represents more than 100 unique schools, departments, units and initiatives that each have their own story and personality. Yet all of our various channels reach community members and people new to the university alike without much context. It is particularly important that our presence on social media conveys a cohesive brand message and image while maintaining your own individuality.


Strategic social media use encourages our audiences to connect and actively participate with the university. With clearly defined goals, Brandeis can enhance its relationships with existing audiences, and truly engage them in conversation and discussion. To meet these goals, Brandeis' many separate departments and offices should work together to communicate Brandeis' core values to the university’s various constituencies.

When posting, consider how your tone reflects some of Brandeis' personality:

  • inquisitive
  • considerate, genuine, and friendly
  • embracing of the unconventional and creative
  • inviting and open to engaging across difference, even if that requires uncomfortable conversations, with the goal of making Brandeis and the world a better place.

Your content should also consider the strategic priorities of President Liebowitz's A Framework for our Future.

Visual Identity

While many different units have an individual social media presence, we are one Brandeis and should look like we are part of the same community. All official, staff-managed Brandeis University social media accounts will be provided with social media icons created by Integrated Design upon registering your account. These icons are required for all social media channels at Brandeis University.

If you currently use your department's individual branding in your icons, you can move that imagery to your header image to maintain your own individual visual identity. Avoid using text in header images for your social channels due to lack of accessibility and responsive cropping. An image that looks good as a header on your desktop may crop out part of a word on a mobile device, so please test across multiple devises. We are available to assist with selecting a header image for your accounts.

All social media accounts should also follow our general image and video best practices and uphold our standards of accessibility.