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Instagram Takeover

What is life really like at Brandeis? Help us showcase our culture through our Brandeis University Instagram channel! We give members of our community the opportunity to take over our Instagram Stories.

IG Stories are the newest and fastest way to capture moments on the go. The feature allows you to tell a story using photos and videos. IG stories are highlighted at the top of our Instagram feed and appear for 24 hours from the date of posting. In addition to taking over our IG Stories for the day, you will have the option to provide the Brandeis social media team with a few of your best images to share on our feed.

Instagram Story take overs should tell a story. These stories can include a day in your life, club or activity spotlights, covering events or other forms of digital storytelling. Most take overs will be over the course of one day, but depending on the story you want to tell, they can be longer.

So you want to "take over" the Brandeis IG?

What to think about

We welcome requests to take over the Instagram account from all members of the Brandeis community. During your takeover, you represent not only yourself but the university as a whole. It is a big responsibility!

Some things to ask yourself before you apply to take over the account:

  • Am I comfortable using Instagram?

  • Can I take a variety of photos and video that are visually appealing?

  • Am I comfortable telling my Brandeis story and proofreading my content?

  • Can I commit to providing 5-8 Instagram Stories (combination of photos, videos and Boomerangs) to the Brandeis social media team?

  • Can I commit to providing the social media team with a few of my best images for posting? 

Up to the challenge? Apply now

Procedure and Guidelines

If Instagram Stories are not for you, we are happy to accept images for consideration on the main Brandeis University Instagram feed. Please send them to a member of the social media team or share the image on your own IG account using #Brandeis.

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