Social Media

The responsive web templates offer the option of integrating social media feeds through a product called Juicer. An example of the templated feed is available at the bottom of this page. The Digital Communications team will discuss social media options when your website is migrated. If your website has already migrated and you are interested in adding or changing a feed, contact the social media team.

Screenshot of content blow main editing area

Add a Juicer Feed to an Existing Page

  1. Find the page you want to add the Social Media feed to in the CMS and click Edit.
  2. Check the box "Add Content Below Main" and expand the Content Below Main tab.
  3. Select Social Media from the drop-down menu. Choose Beige or White for your background color.

    Tip: Select Beige if Social Media is the only Content Below Main on the page so that it stands out from your main content area.
  4. Heading (optional): Large text centered at the top of the Social Media section. Suggestions: Follow Us, Connect With Us
  5. Juicer Feed Name: Contact the social media team to set up a new Juicer feed. Please do not change an existing feed name without consulting with the Digital Communications team. Changing the name may break the feed on your website.

Additional Resources

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