Social Media


Office Hours

Audience: There are more than 150 social media managers across Brandeis University. The social media team is here to build capacity across campus and help match our partners with others who are working on similar initiatives.

Overview: We provide office hours to answer questions and offer guidance to our community. We may meet one-on-one or in small groups of people working on similar projects or who have similar questions. Please meet with us before launching a new social media presence that represents the university (not personal) so we can work with you to shine. Email for more information.

Social Media Accessibility

Audience: This class is mandatory for all managers of official social media accounts. Making content as accessible as the platform allows is a requirement on all social media channels that represent Brandeis University departments, programs, initiatives and centers.

Overview: Accessible social media content is usable by all people, regardless of physical or developmental abilities or impairments. At Brandeis, we have a responsibility to make sure everything we put online — including videos, photos, graphics and hashtags— is as accessible as possible. In this class, you will learn about our legal obligations,  why accessibility is important and how to make various types of social media content accessible.


Other Training

Once a semester, campus communicators who are responsible for social media meet to discuss our recent successes, challenges and questions as a group. We also delve deeper into one specific area of interest. Do you have a topic that you would like to present on? Let us know!

What else would you like to learn? Please let us know if there are areas of social media that you do not see covered here, and we can consider creating training and workshops around it. We also provide content audits, strategize events and campaigns and other support for individual teams.