Carbon Footprint

Brandeis Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Brandeis reports its greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory publicly online. Below is a brief snapshot of our GHG emissions by proportion of total. For more detailed reports on our annual emissions by source and category, please refer to our public reporting page in SIMAP.

Brandeis University measures the following emissions as part of its greenhouse gas inventory:

Scope 1

  • Stationary combustion: use of natural gas and oil in onsite equipment such as the central heating plant, residential heating, boilers, water heaters, etc.
  • Direct transportation: Fuel used by university-owned vehicles.
  • Refrigerants: Refrigerants used in the operation of on-campus refrigeration equipment.

Scope 2

  • Purchased electricity.

Scope 3

  • Faculty, staff and student commuting.
  • University-funded air travel booked via the university’s travel agencies (to the extent that data is available).
  • Electricity transmission and distribution losses, and other fuel and energy-related emissions (FERA).
  • Food purchases via the Cool Food Calculator. See more information on our Dining page.
  • Trash, recycling and compost.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Proportion of Total

Scope 1 and 2
Fiscal year 2022
Scope Source of emissions Percent of Total
1 Natural gas  56.9%
1 Oil 0.3%
1 Campus vehicles 1.2%
1 Refrigerants 0.4%
2 Electricity 41.2%

For historical emissions and additional details, please see our public reporting page in the Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform (SIMAP).

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