Charged up: a giant battery will help Brandeis lower electricity costs, aid in the progress of greener power

Dining Services introduces compostable tableware

Speakers discuss recycling, composting practices

Univ. to add more LED lights on campus

University begins using ‘recycled content’ paper

Facilities staff shares impact of Turn It Off day program

SCC brighter and more energy efficient after $200,000 lighting project

Brandeis Sustainability Ambassadors act as student resource

New Solar Panels on Library Double Solar Power Generated at Brandeis University

Students compete in sustainability contest to learn, improve habits and win prizes

President Liebowitz joins leaders in supporting Paris climate accord

Brandeis University to Install 1.3 MW Solar Array to Save up to $2M in Energy Costs Over 20 Years

Brandeis reaches campus sustainability milestone as initiatives continue

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Green your event

The goal of a Green Event is to make the most climate-friendly choices among your options. Using our Guide to Green Events, developed in partnership with Sustainable Brandeis, Conference and Events Services, Sodexo, the Staff Action Team on Climate Change, and Facilities Services, you can now streamline the process of greening your event. 


Compostable tableware in catering

As of January 2019, Brandeis Catering Services will be providing all-compostable table ware with events, instead of the previously used disposable, non-recyclable, #6 plastic table ware. Events will also be supplied with compost bins. This will occur at no extra charge to the customer.

The goal is for every event to then need only one bin for waste - the compost bin.

Information sessions about this new program, and about new campus recycling updates, will be held in January and February 2019.

Food choices

The greatest climate impact of most events comes from the food that is ordered. In Sodexo's menus, the “G”  identifies items that are more environmentally conscious and have a lower carbon footprint than comparable items.

To reduce the impact of your event's menu, follow the menu guidelines in the Green Events Guide:

  • Choose a vegetarian or vegan menu
  • If serving meat, choose poultry over beef
  • Opt for finger foods to reduce the need for disposable utensils & dishware
  • Discuss portion sizes and number of servings with the caterer to reduce the amount of leftover food
  • Swap individually bottled beverages for beverages that come in larger quantities
After the event, post leftover food on the Brandeis Free Food Facebook Group. Discard any food left out at room temperature for more than 2 hours, or 1 hour if the temperature was above 90 °F.