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Yoko Ohno, 1st place 2019

March 2019

Winning teams: 

  • Yoko Ohno: 1st place
  • Alpha Pi Phi: 2nd place

The goal of SaveOhno is to engage students on campus in sustainability efforts who may not be normally active. This platform tracks real-time actions and shows students the amount of change they can do to change their understanding, attitudes and behavior about sustainability, to make not only a lasting impact on Brandeis, but on the world around them.

SaveOhno was founded on the ideal that “we act ourselves into thinking differently more easily than we think ourselves into acting differently.”

Who is Ohno?

Ohno is the name of your future grandchild. Ohno lives in a world that has been devastated by climate change. But the damage is not permanent... yet. It is up to each team to Save Ohno and help avoid devastating impacts of climate change by taking various actions online and around campus. These actions can range from eating a meatless meal to attending different events to taking political action. This will not only help you Save Ohno, but will make the world a better place in the present.

Teams compete by completing real-life actions listed on the SaveOhno website, which were customized specifically for the Brandeis campus. 

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2018 results

Our October 2018 competition earned more points per person per day than any competition that SaveOhno has run in the past!

Impacts of our 2018 competition:


55 in-room recycling actions

59 registered voters

62 computers working on climate science

78 Countable app installations

116 people filling water bottles

180 species recorded for the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

248 new memberships and Facebook likes to keep the information flowing to you



186 participants at True Cost, the SaveOhno climate change talk, deiSic, a SEA meeting, and attending farm hours at the Rooftop Farm

Hundreds of visits to the bike stations, the solar charging table at the library, and the Farm



1,858 Petitions signed



4,200 litres of water saved from refilling water jugs (assuming just once per day)

0.4 tons of CO2 emissions saved from refilling water jugs (assuming just once per day)

0.5 tons of CO2 emissions saved from eating vegan and vegetarian

+ all the habits and spin-offs from the above, such as lights out, in-room recycling, etc.



Hundreds of actions, thousands of liters of water, a ton of CO2, and nearly 2,000 petitions.

All from just 200 people, and in less than 2 weeks!


The first-prize winners of embroidered Patagonia jackets are:

Ex-Cable + Friends – 226,575 Ohno points

Second place winners of reusable Patagonia utensil sets:
Green Beans – 203,955 Ohno points

Top 3 Users win a thingCHARGER:​

​1. Meredith Levy: 28,120 points

2. Sage DeChiara: 27,380 points 

3. Tamar Moss: 26,830 points 


All teams worked hard to save Ohno:
3. Hooked on Tap (HOT) – 115

4. Sustainability LSC – 74,530

5. Friends™ - 70,805

6. Women's Ultimate – 56,620

7. ENVS enthusiasts! – 34,650

8. Solomangarephobia – 21,605

9. Too Cheap for Instruments – 18,040

10. Staff Action Team on Climate Change – 11,810

11. GRALLians – 8,400

12. Tri-Dep Env Rescue – 6,580

13. Environmental Science Class Students – 6,200

14. FRNds of Sustainability! – 5,920

15. Veg Club – 4,770

16. Brandeis Photography Club – 4,655

17. KBG Joeys – 4,175

18. Namaskar, Sangha clubs – 4,010

19. Brandeis T&F – 1,315

20. Kappa Beta Gamma – 1,125

21. Cross Country – 1,020

22. TBA Improv - 800


2019 results

Nearly 2x as many Brandeis community members participated in 2019 as in 2018!

Together, competitors took nearly one thousand actions. Results include: 

  • Adding 2775 signatures on petitions
  • Saving 179,000 gallons of water from eating vegetarian and brushing without running the faucet
  • Avoiding 738 lb CO2 by eating vegetarian/vegan, washing clothes in cold water, recycling, and turning off lights