Undergraduate Research Awards

The Tauber Institute offers grants of up to $2000 for undergraduate research projects spanning the 2022-2023 academic year in any discipline related to Jewish Studies. Grants will be awarded to cover travel expenses (such as visits to archives), purchase of materials (such as microfilm), and costs of data collection and processing.

Brandeis University rising seniors are encouraged to apply for funds in support of a senior thesis project.  The project should span the candidate's entire senior academic year in 2022-2023.

Congratulations to this year's research award recipients!
Alexis Albert '24, "Astrology, Mysticism and Spirituality in Contemporary American Culture: The Erasure of Judaism in Commodification"

Feigele Lechtchiner '23, "Not In My Shul Yard: NIMBYism in Modern Orthodox Jewish Communities and Implications for Community Growth"

Aviva Weinstein '23, "The Life and Death of Differing Jewish Communities"


Proposals should include:

Submit proposals to: tauber@brandeis.edu

Selection Criteria