The Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry

Undergraduate Research Awards

The Tauber Institute is not offering undergraduate research grants this academic year. In the event that the Tauber Institute decides to continue offering undergraduate research grants, the submission guidelines can be found below.


Proposals should include:

  • Title and objectives of the project and an explanation of how this research constitutes a culmination of the applicant's undergraduate learning

  • Description of research plans, including data to be used, methodology and description of sources

  • Breakdown of specific expenditures to be covered by the grant

  • Letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor

  • Names of other Brandeis grants for which the applicant has applied

  • Curriculum Vitae

Submit proposals in a single pdf to:

Selection Criteria

  • Originality and creativity of the project

  • Appropriateness of primary-source collections and institutions in which the applicant proposes to conduct research

  • Strong academic record