Our Mission

A humanities research institute situated within a North American university is charged with a distinct task. It is not intended to serve as or replace an academic department in teaching students. Rather, it aims to fulfill a number of intersecting objectives focused primarily on research:

  1. promoting graduate and faculty research through grants and workshops/seminars
  2. circulating new ideas and scholarship within the University, as well as disseminating emerging views and controversies in the academy by hosting visitors to present their work (via lectures, colloquia, and conferences)
  3. assisting with the publication of innovative scholarly work, especially that of junior scholars

The Tauber Institute has evolved from its origins in 1980, expanding its emphasis from the history of the Holocaust and modern European Jewish history to include multi-disciplinary interests that include Jewish thought, philosophy, political science, sociology, and arts and culture. Moreover, the study of Jewish history extends beyond national borders and specific continents, and must be examined in so many dynamic interactions with other parts of the Jewish and non-Jewish world.