The Holocaust and World War II

Cover of "Belonging and Betrayal: How Jews Made the Art World Modern"

Charles Dellheim

Tells the story of the fortunes and misfortunes of a small number of eminent art dealers and collectors who, against the odds, played a pivotal role in the migration of works of art from Europe to the United States and in the triumph of modern art.

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Cover of "The Lost Library: The Legacy of Vilna's Strashun Library in the Aftermath of the Holocaust," by Dan Rabinowitz, which features an image of the Strashun Library.

Dan Rabinowitz

The story of the greatest prewar Jewish library in Europe.

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Cover of "The Road To September 1939: Polish Jews, Zionists, and the Yishuv on the Eve of World War II"

Jehuda Reinharz, Yaacov Shavit

How the Zionist movement and the Yishuv actively sought to help Polish and other European Jews in the 1930s.

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Cover of "Holocaust Mothers and Daughters: Family, History, and Trauma"

Federica K. Clementi

An astonishing analysis of Jewish mother-daughter relations before, during and after the Shoah, as described in daughters’ memoirs.

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Cover of "Holocaust Literature: A History and Guide"

David G. Roskies, Naomi Diamant

A comprehensive assessment of Holocaust literature, from World War II to the present day.

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Cover of "Cadaverland: Inventing a Pathology of Catastrophe for Holocaust Survival"

[The Limits of Medical Knowledge and Historical Memory in France]

Michael Dorland

A powerful look at how French medical science apprehended and described Holocaust survival. In this extraordinary study, Michael Dorland explores 60 years of medical attempts by French doctors (mainly in the fields of neuropsychiatry and psychoanalysis) to describe the effects of concentration camp incarceration on Holocaust survivors.

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Cover of "Philosophical Witnessing: The Holocaust as Presence"

Berel Lang

Fascinating philosophical inquiry into post-Holocaust representations of the Holocaust in political theory, ethics and aesthetics, and an assessment of the limitations and promise of philosophical ‘witnessing’ in relation to those issues.

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Cover of "The Jews of Białystok During World War II and the Holocaust"

Sara Bender; Yaffa Murciano, translator

 “Sara Bender’s book is an outstanding example of what a historian can do to illuminate the real, not the imagined, history of the Shoah. This thorough investigation of both German policies and, mainly, the Jewish reactions to the unexpected onslaught on Jewish lives, does away with preconceptions and historical errors. A most important addition to our knowledge.”—Prof. Yehuda Bauer, Academic Adviser of Yad Vashem

Cover of "A Holocaust Controversy: The Treblinka Affair in Postwar France"

Samuel Moyn

“Meticulously researched, judiciously argued, and lucidly written, this little gem of a book shows how the smallest historical episodes can have surprisingly weighty consequences.”
—Martin Jay, author of “Songs of Experience”

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Cover of "The Jews of France During the Second World War"

Renée Poznanski

A crucial contribution to French, Jewish and Holocaust historiography, and an important corrective to much of the literature that treats Jews as victims rather than as subjects able to make (some) choices.

Cover of "Generation Exodus: The Fate of Young Jewish Refugees from Nazi Germany"

Walter Laqueur

“Laqueur has undertaken the daunting task of writing the collective biography of a generation unique in history: the children of the German-Jewish families who fled Germany in the 1930s . . . As someone who shared this experience, I can testify that Laqueur has succeeded admirably.” —Henry A. Kissinger

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Cover of "Battlefields and Playgrounds"

Janos Nyiri

“Nothing in recent memory approaches the greatness—the narrative beauty, the sublime character portraits and the cliff-hanging tension and drama—of Battlefields and Playgrounds.” —Wall Street Journal

Cover of "Prisoner of Hope: Moshe Prywes as Told to Haim Chertok"

Moshe Prywes and Haim Chertok

“The life recorded here is unique, and yet reflects the most dramatic generation in the history of the Jewish people. The writing is delicate, humoristic and tragic, and always compelling.” —Amos Oz

Cover of "Breaking the Silence: The German Who Exposed the Final Solution"

Walter Laqueur and Richard Breitman

“A superb piece of detective work and an exciting real-life spy drama.” —San Francisco Chronicle

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Cover of "Between Mussolini and Hitler: The Jews and the Italian Authorities in France and Tunisia"

Daniel Carpi

A landmark study of the forces shaping Fascist Italy’s policies toward Jews in occupied territories during World War II.

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Cover of "The Architect of Genocide: Himmler and the Final Solution"

Richard Breitman

Drawing upon previously untapped primary sources… the author conclusively counters efforts to portray the Holocaust as unpremeditated, the result of bureaucratic improvisation under wartime constraints.

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Cover of "From Boycott to Annihilation: The Economic Struggle of German Jews, 1933-1943"

Avraham Barkai

“Dr. Barkai’s trailblazing research, particularly in the records of Jewish institutions… significantly expands our knowledge of the economic persecution of Jews in the Third Reich.” —Henry A. Turner, Yale

Cover of "The Jews of Poland Between Two World Wars"

Yisrael Gutman, Ezra Mendelsohn, Jehuda Reinharz and Chone Shmeruk, editors

Original essays by distinguished scholars on all aspects of Jewish life in Poland from 1918 to 1939.

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Cover of "The Holocaust in History"

Michael R. Marrus

“Wonderfully researched and superbly written, this book is the finest available introduction to how historians write about the Holocaust.” —Library Journal

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Cover of "The Darker Side of Genius: Richard Wagner’s Anti-Semitism"

Jacob Katz

Richard Wagner’s antisemitism considered in the context of his time, place and aspirations rather than in relation to his later appropriation by the Nazis.

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Cover of "Hitler in History"

Eberhard Jäckel

“In contrast to most scholarly works on Hitler, this brilliant book is lucid, forthright and blessedly brief.” —American Historical Review

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Cover of "World in the Balance: Behind the Scenes of World War II"

Gerhard L. Weinberg

“A series of essays representing the pinnacle of the historian’s craft: a solid and sweeping survey.” —German Studies Review

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