The Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry

Tauber Institute Series

The Tauber Institute Series is dedicated to publishing compelling and innovative approaches to the study of modern European Jewish history, thought, culture and society.

The series features scholarly works related to the Enlightenment, modern Judaism and the struggle for emancipation, the rise of nationalism and the spread of antisemitism, the Holocaust and its aftermath, as well as the contemporary Jewish experience. The series is published under the auspices of the Tauber Institute for the Study of European Jewry — established by a gift to Brandeis University from Dr. Laszlo N. Tauber — and is supported, in part, by the Tauber Foundation and the Valya and Robert Shapiro Endowment.

New on the Bookshelf

An image of the Chaim Weizmann book cover.

Jehuda Reinharz & Motti Golani, authors

A magisterial biography of Israel's first president.

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The book cover of Mazaltob.

Blanche Bendahan, author; Yaëlle Azagury and Frances Malino, editors

A first-ever English translation of a compelling work by a forerunner of modern Sephardi feminist literature.

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Cover of Antisemitism and the Politics of History (Editors: Scott Ury and Guy Miron) white text on a dark blue-green background

Scott Ury and Guy Miron, editors

A critical resource for studying antisemitism.

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Cover of Jewish Universalisms: Mendelssohn, Cohen, and Humanity's Highest Good by Jeremy Fogel, blue and black text on a gray background

Jeremy Fogel

Jewish philosophers in the Enlightenment era.


Cover of Unacknowledged Kinships: Postcolonial Studies and the Historiography of Zionism (Editors: Stefan Vogt, Derek Penslar, and Arieh Saposnik) spelled out in black text on a tan-yellow background

Stefan Vogt, Derek Penslar, and Arieh Saposnik, editors

Investigating the potential for a dialogue between postcolonial studies and the history of Zionism.

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Cover of First Impressions: Sefer Hasidim and Early Modern Hebrew Printing by Joseph A. Skloot, with a design in black, white and red depicting the Hebrew letter Kaf

Joseph A. Skloot

Uncovers the history of creative adaptation and transformation through a close analysis of Sefer Hasidim.

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Cover of Marat Grinberg's "The Soviet Jewish Bookshelf: Jewish Culture and Identity Between the Lines"  which features images of the worn spines of book covers of various colors and the Soviet Union hammer and sickle in the background

Marat Grinberg

An original investigation into the reading strategies and uses of books by Jews in the Soviet era.

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Cover of Susan Martha Kahn's book "Canine Pioneer: The Extraordinary Life of Rudolphina Menzel" depicting a woman sitting with a dog.

Susan Martha Kahn

An insightful look at the life and legacy of a pioneer cynologist between Europe and Israel.

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Cover of Arthur Green's "Defender of the Faithful" featuring a decorative image of hues of blue

Arthur Green

The life and thought of Levi Yitshak of Berdychiv (1740–1809), one of the most fascinating and colorful Hasidic leaders of his time. 

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Cover of Gilad Sharvit's Dynamic Repetition: History and Messianism in Modern Jewish Thought, which features a geometric design in white against a gray backdrop

Gilad Sharvit

A new understanding of modern Jewish theories of messianism across the disciplines of history, theology, and philosophy.

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Book cover for title "Hermann Cohen: Writings on Neo-Kantianism and Jewish Philosophy"

Samuel Moyn and Robert S. Schine, editors

A fresh collection of writings by Hermann Cohen that sheds light on an often overlooked scholar.

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Book cover picture for "Belonging and Betrayal: How Jews Made the Art World Modern"

Charles Dellheim

Tells the story of the fortunes and misfortunes of a small number of eminent art dealers and collectors who, against the odds, played a pivotal role in the migration of works of art from Europe to the United States and in the triumph of modern art

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Book cover for "Transmitting Jewish History: In Conversation with Sylvie Anne Goldberg"

Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi and Sylvie Anne Goldberg; Foreword by Alexander Kaye and translation by Benjamin Ivry

Series of interviews that paint a revealing portrait of history and bring together exceptional material on Yerushalmi’s personal and intellectual journeys

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Book cover for "Don Isaac Abravanel: An Intellectual Biography"

Cedric Cohen-Skalli

One of the greatest leaders and thinkers of Iberian Jewry in the aftermath of the expulsion of 1492

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Book cover for "Hasidism: Writings on Devotion, Community and Life in the Modern World"

Ariel Evan Mayse and Sam Berrin Shonkoff, editors

A vibrant and polyphonic set of Hasidic confrontations with the modern world

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Book cover for "American Jewish Thought Since 1934: Writings on Identity, Engagement and Belief "

Michael Marmur and David Ellenson, editors

A look at how the diverse body of Jewish thought developed within the historical and intellectual context of America

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A Jewish Woman of Distinction: The Life and Diaries of Zinaida Poliakova book cover

ChaeRan Y. Freeze; translated by Gregory L. Freeze

Rare documents reveal how Jews successfully integrated into Russian aristocratic society

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Glikl: Memoirs 1691-1719 book cover

Annotated with an introduction by Chava Turniansky; English translation by Sara Friedman

An authoritative new translation, fully annotated to explicate Glikl’s life and times

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Spinoza's Challenge to Jewish Thought book cover

Daniel B. Schwartz, editor

Key works about Spinoza’s critical role in the formation of modern Jewish identity

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The Lost Library: The Legacy of Vilna's Strashun Library in the Aftermath of the Holocaust book cover

Dan Rabinowitz

The story of the greatest prewar Jewish library in Europe

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Modern French Jewish Thought: Writings on Religion and Politics book cover

Sarah Hammerschlag, editor

An illuminating anthology that traces the trajectory of Jewish thought in twentieth-century France.

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The Road to September 1939: Polish Jews, Zionists, and the Yishuv on the Eve of World War II book cover

Jehuda Reinharz, Yaacov Shavit

How the Zionist movement and the Yishuv actively sought to help Polish and other European Jews in the 1930s

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Jewish Legal Theories: Writings on State, Religion, and Morality book cover

Leora Batnitzky and Yonatan Brafman, editors

Anthology of writings about Jewish law in the modern world

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Gershom Scholem: From Berlin to Jerusalem and Back book cover

Noam Zadoff

A new intellectual portrait of a prominent twentieth-century philosopher

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Toward Nationalism's End: An Intellectual Biography of Hans Kohn book cover

Adi Gordon

The life and intellectual evolution of Hans Kohn, a pioneer of nationalism studies

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Sabbatian Heresy: Writings on Mysticism, Messianism, and the Origins of Jewish Modernity book cover

Pawel Maciejko, editor

Key writings on Sabbatianism and its legacy and afterlife in Jewish culture, memory, and religion

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Inside the Antisemitic Mind book cover

Monika Schwarz-Friesel, Jehuda Reinharz

Exploring expressions of antisemitism in Germany today

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Style and Seduction book cover

Elana Shapira

Explores the central role of Jewish patrons as shapers of Viennese modernism

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The Individual in History book cover

Edited by ChaeRan Y. Freeze, Sylvia Fuks Fried, and Eugene R. Sheppard

Essays to honor Jehuda Reinharz, his scholarly work and institutional leadership

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