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Learn why one Brandeis student decided to spend his summer in Ghana learning about an entirely new place.

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Summer Applications



The application process for summer study abroad is two part:

(1) a Brandeis application

(2) an application through your program.

The Brandeis summer study abroad deadline is March 10, 2016. Program applications may be due as early as January 1, so please plan accordingly.

If you are considering studying abroad this summer, please make an appointment to speak with Darren Gallant, Study Abroad Advisor.  It is highly recommended that you complete your summer program application well before the application deadline.

To ensure you are completing all of the appropriate steps for studying abroad, please check out the First Steps section of our website.

Application Overview

The Brandeis Summer Study Abroad Application consists of:

  • Signature Documents:
    • Application Photo
    • Summer Requirements for Receiving Credit
    • Summer Study Abroad Statement of Agreement
  • Questionnaire:
  • Material Submissions:
    • Summer Proposal of Study (TC07 Form) - for each course, you must submit the following information:
      • Detailed course description or syllabus
      • Number of contact hours
      • Number of weeks
      • Study Abroad Liaison Signature if requesting major/minor credit

Before accessing the online study abroad application, you can begin the process by starting the following application piece.

Application Statement for Summer Abroad

Please type a personal statement (500 words) describing how this study abroad experience will further your academic goals. What do you expect to gain from studying in a foreign country for a summer? How will this knowledge influence your education as a whole at Brandeis? Describe any courses you are particularly looking forward to taking abroad.

To Access the Online Brandeis Application

Once you have completed the Study Abroad Advising and Goals Questionnaire, please call our office to meet with a study abroad staff member.  After you have completed these steps and finalized your program choice, we will give you access to the online application.

Application Review Timeline

After the Brandeis summer application deadline, applications will be reviewed and given a decision in about two weeks. This timeline varies so please be sure to contact the Office of Study Abroad with any questions. Students must apply to their individual program before the Brandeis deadline.