"Don't be afraid to forge your own path. Creating your own major takes a lot of hard work, but if you are driven and passionate about your field of study, it is a very rewarding experience. The IIM gives you the unique opportunity to craft your own education- and you learn a ton about yourself in the process."
Rebecca Lantner '16
"Applied Math and Data Science"

“When designing your own major, it is important to take advantage of the knowledge and experience that many faculty members have with the process.  I would not recommend trying to develop a major all alone; it will be a much less stressful process if you use all the resources available to you.  Many faculty members have successfully helped students get their majors approved; they can offer extremely beneficial guidance and feedback based on past successes and failures.”
Sharon Barotz ‘06 - “Environmental Studies: Ecology & Conservation”

Profiles & Advice

Below are IIM student profiles spanning a range of academic interests. Click on each student's name to learn why they proposed an IIM and how it fits into their personal aspirations and goals. Each student also gives valuable advice for others looking to propose an IIM.

Michelle Wexler '15 Social Justice Social Change

Dillon Harvey '14 - Critical Race and Sexuality Studies

Michael Kahn '15 - Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Ethan Levy '15 - Communication and Media Studies

Rebecca Lantner '16- Applied Math and Data Science

IIM Undergraduate Departmental Representatives

The IIM UDRs are a great resource for you in the planning and development of your IIM. UDRs have gone through the process of creating an IIM and can provide insight and guidance into the process.

The UDRs for the current academic year are listed here.

IIM in the news

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