Ethan Levy

Ethan Levy

Ethan Levy

Major: "Communication and Media Studies" (second major in Business)

What is your IIM about?

My IIM is about discovering the liberal arts side of communication and media, which are two interrelated yet different areas of study.  After looking at a few alternative options such as Journalism and TV, Film, and Interactive Media, I decided that my best option was to pursue an IIM.  I hope that the combination of these two majors will allow me new insight into the profession that interests me the most: Marketing.  Marketing is an incredibly fascinating area for me mostly because it is so broad.  You can be on the consumer side, the production side, or even on the research side: all of which interest me.  So far all my experience has come on the product side of business.  If I had to choose a type of company to work at, it would be a medium sized marketing firm that dealt with sports in any way, shape, or form, as some kind of project manager. 

How did you begin the IIM process?

I began the IIM process at the beginning of my sophomore year and finally submitted the proposal for the spring IIM deadline.  I met with all three of my advisors multiple times until we all agreed on a final proposal.  I began by doing some research online and then talking to a few current and old professors who I knew had experience in helping students pursue their IIMs. 

How are you pursuing the IIM outside of the classroom?

Outside of the classroom, I have pursued a couple of internships in the Marketing and Media Marketing areas.  After my freshman year, I interned with a startup Media Marketing company in New York City, and after my sophomore year I was a marketing intern at a bigger firm in New York City called KCSA.  The kind of work I did at KCSA involved tracking leads, managing the CRM (customer relations management program), and contributing to marketing meetings.  I have also been on the Brandeis Mens Fencing since my freshman year.