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Li-Ming Pan


Major: Modern Communications and Media (Second Major in East Asian Studies and Minor in Legal Studies)

What is your IIM about? - My IIM is focused on the impact of new modern technology in today's society. Information travels faster today than before because it is facilitated by new technology. Now it effects the social life of everyone to be constantly connected.

When & how did you begin the IIM process? - In the Fall of my Sophomore year I realized that Computer Science was not the direction I wanted to go into. I knew of the now defunct minor in "Internet Studies" and wanted to make it a major but also incorporating it into the broad interest in classes I had from the International and Global Studies, East Asian Studies, Computer Science and Film, Television and Interactive Media majors. I realized I could pursue this major by doing an IIM. The first step for me was to talk about it. Not only with Katie McFaddin but also with people I knew who were also thinking about doing an IIM. I looked through all the classes that have been offered at Brandeis from different majors and saw classes that would fit into my IIM perfectly, ranging from different departments such as Computer Science, American Studies, English, Journalism, and more. As I am continuing my IIM, I come across even more classes when I add classes for the next semester that would be relevant to my major and it is a continuing process.

How are you pursuing the IIM outside of the classroom? - The classes I have taken for my IIM such as the Experiential Learning "Multimedia Journalism Lab" class where I learnt how to use FinalCut Pro to make slide shows and videos. And along with the "Digital and Multimedia Journalism" class I updated blogs and made podcasts. Together with this knowledge I made the Brandeis Intercultural Center's promotional video for their 20th Anniversary this year. I was also the social media chair in charge of updating a blog for the South East Asia Club. I am also currently the Magazine Director overseeing the e-magazine's progress for the Global China Connection. I believe that with the on campus involvement and the classes I have taken, I am confident in applying for internships that have to do with social media, journalism, advertising and public relations.

Please e-mail me at if you have any questions at all.