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"I decided to design my own major because it allowed me to study exactly what I wanted, even though Brandeis didn’t offer the major, while still being able to take advantage of the fantastic liberal arts education that Brandeis does offer.  Becoming an IIM definitely requires discipline and hard work, but it was totally worth it! I would recommend this opportunity to anyone."

Morgan Schwartz '11
"Communications and Media Studies"

Profiles & Advice

Below are IIM student profiles spanning a range of academic interests. Click on each student's name to learn why they proposed an IIM and how it fits into their personal aspirations and goals. Each student also gives valuable advice for others looking to propose an IIM.

Michelle Wexler '15Social Justice Social Change

Dillon Harvey '14- Critical Race and Sexuality Studies

Michael Kahn '15- Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Ethan Levy '15- Communication and Media Studies

Marla Merchut '12- Conflict and Cooperation Studies

IIM Undergrad Department Representatives

The IIM UDR is a great resource for you in the planning and development of your IIM. UDR's have gone through the process of creating an IIM and can provide insight and guidance into the process.

The UDR's for the current academic year are listed here.

IIM in the news

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"IIM allows students to choose their own paths" - The Brandeis Hoot, 9/19/2008