Sustainability is a growing topic of academic discussion across many disciplines, from biology to philosophy. Students will find that career options are growing for those with experience in sustainability issues.   

Community Engaged and Experiential Learning 

clean up of woods

The Greening the Ivory Tower is a unique community engaged learning class focusing on sustainability solutions. 

The Brandeis Sustainability Practicum is a course component for a small group of students who are interested in hands-on sustainability experiences. 
Academic Courses

Brandeis University offers a wide variety of classes across disciplines that either focus or relate to the topic of sustainability. Sustainability is a word with many definitions, but essentially it implies “using methods, systems and materials that won't deplete resources or harm natural cycles” and it “integrates natural systems with human patterns and celebrates continuity, uniqueness and peacemaking.”  

An inventory of departments conducing Sustainability Research is available: Department Inventory and Faculty Links