Top 5 Steps to Protect and Preserve Wetland Species

1. Don't litter! Wetland species need clean environments to thrive, free from garbage and other chemical pollutants.

2. Do a clean-up day! Gather your friends and some plastic gloves and collect all the garbage from the area. Less trash is healthier for the area and as a bonus, if people see the area is clean, they will be less likely to litter there. Brandeis holds clean up days every spring- look out for information.

3. Educate the surrounding community about the importance of wetland species to the natural ecosystem and the benefits they provide. Wetland species act as natural filtration systems for water which will eventually be drinking water! Put up signs and provide trash barrels for use in the surrounding area.

4.   Encourage neighbors and other private landowners to preserve wetland areas and surrounding buffer zones.

5. Get involved with local wetland protection and revitalization efforts in your area through regional EPA!


See the Clean Streams Action Plan

Clean Streams

lotCurrently, the stream behind Hassenfeld Lot on the Brandeis University Campus in Waltham, Massachusetts is being neglected. People who park in the lot or walk through have littered trash in the area which has accumulated in the stream. The runoff water from rain and storms brings large amounts of silt, small rocks and leaves into the stream as well. The way the surrounding land is engineered causes rain/storm water to flow from many locations into this small stream, leading to backup and possible flooding. These contributors include the entire Hassenfeld lot, the road from the Chapels to the lot, the road from Sherman Function Hall to the lot and a large section of the Cedar Hill neighborhood. The stream, although also the border of a parking lot, is a part of the beautiful Sachar Woods.  The vision is to have for it to flourtubeish as a part of the green space on campus, uninhibited by garbage and polluted rain/storm water.streams

In the fall of 2008 a group of students in the Greening the Campus and Community Class, created a project to improvement of community storm water drainage, drinking water quality, and protection of wetland species on campus.  They objectives of the “Clean Streams Project” are:

  1. Clean out garbage build-up and remove known invasive species from stream behind Hassenfeld Lot to provide a healthy environment for the stream to flourish.
  2. Change the engineering of the road from the Chapels and the edge of the stream to filter the rain/storm water and divert it to other preferable, nearby locations to prevent overflow.
  3. Educate Brandeis/Cedar Hill community about storm water and littering near the stream in order to maintain healthy conditions the area.
  4. Create an Action Plan for Clean Streams.