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How to Apply

Applications for 2013-2014 are now closed. Tune in next fall to get your green idea funded!

First Steps:

1. Come up with a great green idea!

You can work alone- but often the best projects will have many minds helping work out the details. Here are some great ideas you can start with:

  • Alternative fuel vehicle
  • Covered Bike Shelters (add more to previous BSF project)
  • Greening Orientation
  • Hand Driers
  • Human powered exercise equipment 
  • Innovative recycling outreach
  • Ridesharing software program
  • Veggie Oil Powered Heat
  • Stormwater Improvements to the landscape
  • Water Filtration Systems in office
  • Bottle Filling stations (add more to previous BSF project)
  • Outdoor recycling bins
  • Water bottles for Athletes
  • Subsidize MBTA passes (T bus and Commuter Rail)
  • Low flow fixtures to save water (toilets, faucets, showers)
  • Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Grey water system
  • Reuse furniture/Surplus sharing system

2. Research your idea 

Check out the resources available. Often there are details that will need to be addressed in order to ensure a successful proposal. You can talk with a BSF Co-Chair to get started or attend an info session.  

3. Understand the Process: 

Timeline for Fall 2013:

To Be Determined dates will be set by the end of September

  • Info Sessions 10/23/13 @ 11am-12pm 313 SCC; 10/30/13 @ 10am-12pm 313 SCC
  • Proposal Clinics Wednesday 11/6/13 @ 5pm-6pm in SCC, Thursday 11/7/13 @ 4pm-5pm in SCC
  • Expression of Interest  due 11/1/13
    • Office Hours with BSF Co-Chairs TBD by appointment
  • Formal Proposal due 11/15/13
Students interested in applying must declare intention to apply with the short Expression of Interest Form. Applicants must choose one “student leader” to act as the primary contact person. Additional team members can be listed.  BSF Co-Chairs will review these forms and contact groups that initial ideas seem viable to move on to the next stage. Note: this is a change from previous years due to the amount of time Facilities and other departments invest in helping students complete a full application only invited groups will be allowed to submit an application. 
  • Board Operations Review Meeting TBD
Student leaders will give a short overview of their proposal. Vendors and other experts are welcome to attend. After reviewing the Draft BSF Project Application the BSF Board and non-voting representatives of administrative groups impacted by the project will offer feedback and ask questions about project’s scope and impact. Meeting notes will be sent to applicants within one day of the meeting.
  • Final Application Due: 11/15/13
  • Sustainability Fund Board Voting Meeting
The Board will meet and evaluate all applications based on the requirements set out in section IV. They are charged with deciding which projects will be funded during the current funding period.
  •  Notifications of Status Reports and Action Plan Meetings TBD
The Board will notify student leaders of their decision within one week of the final board meeting. Student Leaders will complete a Project Action Plan with the co-chairs. Funding will be allocated as needed by the treasurer. Any significant deviations from the action plan or need to change the student leader must be approved by chairs. If the student leader is unable to fulfill their duties as described in the action plan, the chairs may choose how to complete the project’s stated goals. Each project leader will submit a status report of their activities before the  scheduled Spring board meetings