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Project Ideas & Resources

Check out the  BSF Google doc with ideas and connection opportunities. 


-BSF Co-Chairs and Info Sessions

- BSF Annual Report 2010-2011

- STARS Report which outlines in detail all sustainability projects on campus! 

- The Climate Action Plan, signed in 2009, details Brandeis' commitment to achieving carbon-neutrality by 2050. 

Campus Sustainability Initiative- website has information about what has been done. 

- Student clubs: Students for Environmental Action, and NaturaLiving

-Environmental Studies Program Faculty 

Greening the Ivory Tower is an experiential learning course.

- The BSF Constitution, which governs the BSF Board

Past Environmental Achievements for Brandeis include the following:

Energy Efficiency
Since 2004, the Energy Savings Program has saved millions of dollars through energy efficient lighting, steam line improvements, and energy management systems.

A charter signatory to the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitmentt, a national effort of hundred of Universities. In Fall of 2009 the Brandeis Climate Action Plan was released, outlining plans to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions.

Academics & Community Outreach
Students in the Ggreening the Ivory Tower go outside the classroom to create innovative projects. Including; wetlands protection, environmental education for low income children, and labeling storm drains to prevent pollution. Academic programs and internships are available in Green Business, Sustainability Development, and Environmental Studies.

Sustainability Education & Action
Eco-Reps conduct peer education in their dorms- helping get over 30% of students to declare a Certified Green Room. Students participate in many campus clubs such as S.E.A. to educate, volunteer, and make changes.

An on-campus Farmers Market, organized by students in the  Greening the Ivory Tower brings fresh local produce to the community and the Patchwork Garden is a campus organic vegetable garden. Dinning services works to provide local and vegetarian options.

Green Buildings
All new constructionn is built to LEED Silver Standards, a green building standard resulting in energy savings and increased use of local materials.

Waste Reduction & Recycling
All waste from dining facilities is sent to a commercial composting facility. Students are given a reusable water bottle- to help break the bottled water habit. The end of the year Give & Go donation drive reduces student waste and provides reusable items during the Move in Market.

Commuters are encouraged by Green Commuter Days to walk, bike, take transit, and carpool to work. ‘Deis Bikes provides free bike rentals run by student volunteers. ZipCar is a campus carsharing program.

Renewable Clean Energy
One of the largest Solar Electricity systems in Massachusetts was installed January 2010 on the Gosman gym. The 171 KW solar panel array annually produces enough electricity to power 30 average homes.