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2013-2014 Projects

We are excited to announce the following projects were funded by the BSF for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Bike For Shelter                                             
Project Lead: Nicholas Medina
Awarded Amount: $25,000
The Board has approved funding for three new bike shelters, complete with 3 bikes racks, and 2 new bicycle "fixit" stations to be installed on campus. Two shelters and a "fixit" station will be installed at Charles River Quad, and one shelter with one "fixit" station will be constructed at the Mods. These shelters are intended to incentivize cycling over less sustainable transportation options, and provide convenient bicycle maintenance infrastructure for the cycling community on campus. DesiBikes, Brandeis' bicycle sharing program, will promote both the use of the shelters and the "fixit" stations, and develop workshops for bicycle maintenance using the "fixit" stations.

Subsidized MBTA Passes                         mbta
Project Lead: Ameline Limorin
Awarded Amount: $10,000
The Board has voted to use BSF funds to subsidize 200 fifty-dollar ($50) MBTA passes for undergraduates. The project is designed as a pilot program to collect information on how increased access to public transit changes student behavior, and to determine which student populations are most benefitted by a public transit subsidy. Based on this pilot, a full-scale, permanent program could be designed to most effectively prompt positive change in the commuting behaviors of Brandeis students.

TapBrandeis                                                                      tapbrandeis bottle
Project Lead: Sara Taylor, Jeremy Goodman, Emma Balmuth-Loris
Awarded Amount: $10,000
A returning BSF project, students have secured funding to install 4 additional hydration stations and purchase 900 more reusable water bottles to incentivize sustainable water consumption and decrease plastic water-bottle waste at Brandeis.

Dual-Flush Toilets                                                              dual flush
Project Lead: Anna Bessendorf, Nate Shaffer
Awarded Amount: $16,500
The Board has granted funding to retrofit 100 toilets in five buildings with Dual-Flush kits that optimize the volume of water used for each flush. This project will incur approximately 30% in water utility savings for the university, and will be complemented by educational initiatives to insure proper use,

Little Green Libraries
Project Lead: Jaime Kaiser
Awarded Amount: $425.35
Funding was granted to construct and install two Little "Green" Libraries, free book exchanges constructed out of repurposed materials to promote the value of recycled, reused, and refurbished products. Not only are books recycled and reused through these free book exchanges, but the libraries themselves demonstrate sustainable use of materials in their design.

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