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2010 Projects


Undergraduates Sam Porter ’14, Jessie Stettin ’13, Dorian Socnick Williams ’13 and Cecilia Watkins ’11 proposed initiatives to reduce energy consumption and improve sustainability

Annual Report 2010-2011

The following 5 projects were funded for 2010-2011 school year:

1. A Greener Residence Hall: installed vermiculture (worm) compost bins in Deroy and Village and helped pilot a specialized Green Living hall for First-Year students.

2. Brandeis Renewable Lighting: helped install solar powered lighting in the front of the Brandeis campus. Originally proposed to use micro-wind power, the results of more technical research proved solar power to be a more effective environmental option at this campus

3. DeisBikes 2.0: Semester-Long Bike Rentals: provided bikes for semester long rental for Brandeis students to reduce dependence on cars and increase bike culture on campus

4. Oh the Things we’ll Grow! extended the growing season and educational impact of the campus garden with supplies such as cold frames and supports

5. Smart Meters: uses the Lucid Designs Building Dashboard Network to monitor the electricity consumption for Massell Quad, Village, and Shapiro Campus Center buildings in real time.