2012-2013 Projects

Tap BrandeisEklay Outdoor Fountains

Project Leaders: Jeremy Goodman, Emma Balmuth-Loris, Sara Taylor, Jamie Garuti

Funded Amount: $25,000 

TapBrandeis received funding to install hydration stations on campus in an effort to support the Brandeis community in eliminating the use of bottled water. The funding will be used to install two outdoor hydration stations and 4 indoor stations, exact locations to be determined. TapBrandeis will host engaging events with the student body to provide information about the environmental damages and social injustices associated with the bottled water industry.

Bicycle Racks & Shelter

Project Leader: Alison White

Funded Amount: $14,000

Bike Racks

This project will install 6 new bike racks and 1 bicycle shelter to encourage and allow for more bicycle parking on campus and 1 bicycle shelter. Exact locations to be determined. With the addition of both types of storage units, students will be encouraged to bring their bicycles to campus with reassurance that their bike will be stored in a safe and secure unit. Given the New England climate, the bicycle shelter will give bicycle users a place to store bicycles where they will not be damaged. This project will promote the use of bicycles as a sustainable form of transportation to, from, and around campus.

Food Service and Trash Disposal Area Recycling SignsRecycling bin

Project Leaders: Felice Oltusky, Maura Doughtner-Doughtner

Funded Amount: $2,000

This project will pilot new and improved recycling signage by trash disposal areas on campus. The signage will be sustainable, durable, and will clearly illustrate to campus users what is recyclable on campus. The signs will be piloted primarily in the Food Service areas and at least one residence hall. If successful, the signage could be adopted campus-wide.

E-radicate E-waste

Project Leaders: Vivian Zeng, Molly Lortie, Elad Mehl

Funded Amount: $833

Electronic waste

This project will improve and promote the two existing electronic waste collection spots on campus. The group will improve the signage at the collection sites, create a brochure about why and how to recycle e-waste on campus, publicize the e-waste collection points, and hold at least one event this semester to collect e-waste from Brandeis students.

Interested in proposing a BSF project? Stay tuned for information regarding proposal deadlines for Fall 2013. But for now, fill out an Project Idea Form and the committee will follow up in the Fall!

Have any questions? Contact bsf@brandeis.edu to e-mail the co-chairs.