Recycling Basics

We Recycle:



Plastics Numbered 1-7



Additional Materials (Clothes, Electronics..)

Trash/Materials That Should Not Be Placed in Recycling Bins:


Unnumbered Plastic

To Go Containers 

Paper Coffee Cups

Paper products with food waste

Food & Liquids 

Learn more about what to recycle.

Recycling & Waste

We are working to decrease the tons of waste leaving campus and improving the recycling rate. To create a more sustainable campus we have to reduce, and reuse even before we recycle.

All Together Now

Brandeis changed to a method of recycling collection called Single Stream Recycling in Fall 2008. One single container can be used for all recyclable material. Keep trash like napkins and food waste out of the recycling!

Where Does it Go? 

All the waste from dining hall locations are taken to a commercial composting facility called WeCare, you can view pictures from a field trip there.  Our trash waste is sent to a trash to energy facility called Wheelabrator. 

The complete journey of waste at Brandeis is documented  in a Justice article by Benjamin Terris '08. An update to the article: Recyclables are now brought to Casella Waste Zero Sort Facility.Read the Article.The Wasteland: From incinerators to compost digesters

Need Help?

If you need additional bins submit a Custodial Work Order to track your request. E-mail if you have any suggestions. Have a quick question? Text us!