Sign up to volunteer by April 28th. This wouldn't be possible without our amazing volunteers!

Local Giving

  • Bristol Lodge and Shelter
  • More Than Words Bookstore
  • Global Thrift Store
  • Boston Public Schools
  • Waltham Group Kids Club
  • and more!

Some items may also be saved for the Move in Market on the Brandeis campus in the fall. Any profits from the market go to support this collection effort and campus sustainability. The vast majority - trucks and trucks full of stuff - are donated off campus. 

Regular Recycling 

Keep on recycling. It's easy when you move out! We have special Move-Out Dumpsters!

Graduation Pledge

Graduating Students- take the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility! 

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This Spring, Give + Go collection begins May 1 and continues through senior move-out on May 19.  

What is Give + Go?

During spring semester move out, Brandeis students leave behind a large amount of stuff on campus. Crazy? Yes- but we are here to make sure something good can come out of it! Give + Go is a community-wide effort to reduce waste and donate tons of needed goods to the local community. We even keep some stuff to resell for students in the fall- to help reduce even more waste- and this sale funds the big collection operation. It's a win-win-win!

When you move out, please give items in good condition and place neatly in labeled locations. Give + Go is coordinated by the Waltham Group, Community Living, S.E.A., Facilities, and Eco-Reps. Thank you for giving!

YES, please give:

  • Clean clothing, shoes, sheets, and towels
  • Household goods (dishes etc.)
  • Electronics (microwaves, fridges, and lamps- with cords!)
  • Furniture (small items)
  • Books
  • School Supplies- markers, scissors, lab goggles, anything kids can use in class!
  • Toiletries (Open shampoo and laundry detergent are OK. Everything else must be closed.)
  • Unopened Food

NO, we can't take:

  • Anything dirty or broken
  • Open food
  • Mattresses or futons
  • Pillows. Not joking. Take them home.
  • Foam toppers. Gross. Throw it out or take it home.
  • Electronics without the cords. Who could use that again?!

We have a limited amount of time to sort and move items. Please be respectful of volunteers' time—only give requested items in a clean and orderly fashion.

Donation Locations (Spring 2014)


Location Description

Castle Entrance to D tower 
Charles River Outdoor Bin between 112 and 113*
  Commons building 150*
East Hass by kitchen entrance
  Pom 3 by the door
Foster Mods Outdoor Bin in Parking Lot*
Massell Shapiro Hall Lounge
North Polaris Lounge
Ridgewood B Commons*
  C Commons*
Rosenthal Rosenthal East Lounge
Village TV Lounge (also use outdoor bins by Ziv)
Ziv Outdoor storage bin in X Lot by the stairs*
Shapiro CC Atrium- Food Only*
Open until Fri. May 9 at 12 p.m.

*Open Until Monday May 19 at 12 p.m.*

 Move Out Waste Dumpsters

During Move Out only, special dumpsters will be placed near each residential area where trash and recycling can be combined.   Contractors will sort the trash from the recycling at an offsite facility. You can place regular trash and any recyclable material- paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, and metals in the special dumpsters. Please keep all food waste inside plastic bags to avoid mess and as usual keep liquids out.

We are excited to offer this new option and reduce Move Out Waste! Remember, inside buildings and any non residential buildings you still have to sort recyclables from trash.

See rules for Special Recycling/Responsible Disposal