Special Recycling and Responsible Disposal

Some items must be recycled in a alternate process from regular waste to ensure responsible disposal that protects the environment.
Books in Good Condition
Brandeis works with More Than Words Bookstore, located at 376 Moody St. Waltham to donate used books. You can drop off books anytime at their store. If  you have a large quantity of books e-mail recycling@brandeis.edu to coordinate a pick up.  

Batteries and rechargeable batteries (in iPods, laptops, and cell phones) can contain hazardous chemicals, and go to the recycling collection area in the Usdan Mailroom or Science Library Hallway.

Recycle your old clothes, shoes and small household items in the bin located in the South Residence Lot by Ziv. Students may also donate any unused clothing at the end of the year to the Give + Go.

Compact Florescent Light Bulbs
Drop them off in the recycling collection area in Usdan Mailroom or Science Library Hallway

Brandeis has contracted with IR-Network for electronics recycling, a leader in responsible e-waste disposal. Large electronics such as TVs, laptops and monitors can be recycled on the ground floor of Feldberg Communications Center. Cell phones, batteries, CFL bulbs, and other small electronics can be recycled in Usdan Mailroom or Science Library Hallway. If unsure of where to or how to recycle an electronic item, email recycling@brandeis.edu.

Please pursue reuse first. Place an add on  MyBrandeis Classifieds- you can choose a price or list it for "free." You can also advertise large sets of items on the Used Furniture Listserv, a service of Facilities/Capital projects to reuse items on campus. 

Inkjet Cartridges & Cell Phones
Inkjet Cartridges can be brought to many local office supplies stores to qualify for a rebate.   Drop them off in the recycling collection area in Usdan Mailroom or Science Library Hallway. You can also put them in the campus mail to MS 025 and label them "Recycling." Please do not send hazardous materials through campus mail.  

Laser & Copier Toner Cartridges
Offices can send toner cartridges back to your vendor. Place them by the copier/printer  and ask the Staples delivery person to pick them up. 

Plastic Bag Recycling
Plastic shopping bags can be recycled at supermarkets in Waltham. Please do not place plastic grocery bags in recycling bins. Plastic grocery bags can be reused as trash bags for small trash cans or in rooms. Please do not use colored (not clear) plastic bags for recycling, as the recycling will be considered contaminated waste.