Recycling Updates

Need recycling help in your residence hall? Contact your Eco-Rep.

Interested in improving recycling in your office? Volunteer to be a Sustainability Rep.

Additional Materials & Special Recycling

See Special Recycling instructions for the following items:



Clothing & Household Goods

Electronics & Appliances- Broken


Food Waste- Composting

Inkjet Cartridges & Cell Phones

Laser & Copier Toner Cartridges

Plastic Bags

What Can I Recycle?

You can recycle most common materials at Brandeis by placing them in the blue and green bins. Common materials include Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Metal, and Plastic. Additional Materials require special recycling for responsible disposal.

Paper and Cardboard

What to Recycle:

  • PapersAll types of paper, including cardboard

  • Staples, paper clips, tape, metal coils, and window envelopes are OK!

What Not to Recycle:

  • Any used paper items with food residue

  • Tissues and napkins

  • Flat CardboardFoam peanuts

Plastic, Glass and Metals

What to Recycle:Water bottle

  • Plastic numbered 1-7 (look at bottom of container for the recycling symbol and number. Sometimes Styrofoam is numbered #6- but please do not recycle)

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Caps and lids

  • Clean aluminum foil

  • Laundry detergent jugs

  • Juice boxes, milk cartons and aseptic packaging

  • Paper and plastic labels are OK on containers

What Not to Recycle:

  • Any food waste

  • Unnumbered plastic (such as plastic utensils or plastic wrap)

  • Styrofoam (some Styrofoam may have #6 with recycling symbol- please do not recycle despite this number)

  • Light bulbs (CFL bulbs go to "Special Recycling")

  • Empty plastic shopping bags (please recycle at them at supermarkets)

How to Prepare:

Rinse and drain any beverage or food residue. Place these recyclable items in the blue or green recycling containers, regardless of the lid type.You may place plastic bags in the recycling if they contain recyclable materials.

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How To Recycle: Prepare Materials

Recycling is easy at Brandeis. We collect most common materials.

  • Please rinse off food and empty liquids from containers.
  • Don’t worry about spiral binders or labels on paper.
  • Cardboard boxes should be flattened at placed by the larger bins.

Place in Personal Bin

Every office and room should have a small personal recycling bin. If your bin is missing, please file a work order to receive one.

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