Chairs of Departments and Interdepartmental Programs

Chairs of Departments and Programs for the 2014/15 Academic Year:


 Chair / Director


 School Council

African and Afro-American Studies Chad Williams Delande Justinvil Social Science
Anthropology Elizabeth Ferry Laurel Carpenter Social Science
Biochemistry Chris Miller Maryanne Aldrich Science
Biology Sacha Nelson Heather Felton Science
Chemistry Barry Snider TBD Science
Classical Studies Ann O. Koloski-Ostrow Heidi McAllister Humanities
Computer Science Jordan Pollack Myrna Fox Science
Economics George Hall Leslie Yancich Social Science
English (Creative Writing) John Plotz Lisa Pannella Humanities
Fine Arts (Art History and Studio Art) Jonathan Unglaub TBA Creative Arts
German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature (Chinese and Japanese) Steve Dowden Alyssa Fabrizio Humanities
History David Engerman Dona DeLorenzo Social Science
Hornstein Program Jonathan Sarna, Chair, and Ellen Smith, Director Rise Singer Social Science
Mathematics Daniel Ruberman Janet Ledda Science
Music Yu-Hui Chang Mark Kagan Creative Arts
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies David Wright Joanne Arnish Humanities
Philosophy Jerry Samet Julie Seeger Humanities
Physical Education (Athletics) Sheryl Sousa Marni Friedman
Physics Jané Kondev Roland Maher Science
Politics Daniel Kryder Rosanne Colocouris Social Science
Psychology Paul DiZio Phil Gnatowski Social Science
Romance Studies (French and Francophone Studies, Italian Studies, Hispanic Studies) Michael Randall Ellen Rounseville Humanities
Sociology David Cunningham Cheryl Hansen Social Science
Theater Arts Adrianne Krstansky Alicia Hyland Creative Arts

Interdepartmental Programs

Program Chair / Director Administrator School Council
American Studies Tom Doherty Paula Musegades Social Science
Biological Physics Michael Hagan  
Business Ed Bayone Karen Muise Social Science
Comparative Literature and Culture Matthew Fraleigh Ellen Rounseville  
East Asian Studies Gary Jefferson Winnie Huie  
Education Program Marya Levenson Eileen Kell Social Science
Environmental Studies Brian Donahue TBA  
European Cultural Studies Steve Dowden TBA  
Film, Television and Interactive Media Alice Kelikian TBA Social Science
Genetic Counseling Judith Tsipis Missy Goldberg  
Health: Science, Society and Policy Sara Shostak Kathryn Howell Social Science
Hebrew Language and Literature Irina Astashkevich  
History of Ideas Eugene Sheppard Julie Seeger  
International and Global Studies Chandler Rosenberger Mangok Bol Social Science
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies TBD Joanne Arnish  
Italian Studies Paola Servino and Jonathan Unglaub Ellen Rounseville  
Journalism Maura Farrelly Paula Musegades  
Language and Linguistics James Pustejovsky Myrna Fox Social Science
Latin American and Latino Studies Charles Golden Adam Gamwell Social Science
Legal Studies Richard Gaskins TBA  
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Jonathan Decter Kathryn Howell  
Neuroscience Gina Turrigiano Heather Felton  
Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Gordon Fellman TBA  
Quantitative Biology Jeff Gelles, Jané Kondev TBA  
Religious Studies Marc Brettler Kathryn Howell  
Social Justice and Social Policy David Cunningham TBA  
South Asian Studies Harleen Singh TBA  
Women's and Gender Studies Wendy Cadge Shannon Hunt  

Arts and Sciences School Council Chairs

School Council Chair
Creative Arts Gannit Ankori, Chair (Fine Arts)
Division of Humanities John Burt (English)
Division of Sciences TBD
Division of Social Sciences Sarah Lamb, Head (Anthropology)