Undergraduate Departmental Representatives Council

The UDR Council is comprised of current UDRs, representing departments and interdepartmental programs from all four schools of the College of Arts and Sciences.

The Council meets monthly to discuss UDR program activities and advise the Dean's office on new initiatives, policy changes, and other topics concerning the UDR program.

David Alpert Class of 2016 Neuroscience Contact
David Altman Class of 2015 Philosophy Contact
Joseph Babeu Class of 2015 Comparative Literature Contact
Allie Goodman Class of 2016 Legal Studies Contact
Maya Himelfarb Class of 2015 Fine Arts (History of Arts) Contact
Meher Irani Class of 2016 Biology Contact
Julia Karr Class of 2017 German Contact
Sabrina Libretti Class of 2015 Hispanic Studies Contact
Sandra Luo Class of 2015 Business Contact
Emily Pruc Class of 2015 Physics Contact