2013 - 2014 Representatives

NOTE: If you do not hear from a UDR you have contacted, please feel free to send us an e-mail at udr@brandeis.edu for further assistance.


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Major/Minor UDR
African and Afro-American Studies Hannah Young Contact
Derrick Orare Contact
American Studies Sara Lodgen Contact
Haley Fine Contact
Anthropology Megan Carden* Contact
Shreyas Warrier Contact
Charlotte Erb Contact
Biochemistry (Email) Lilia Leybova Contact
Padraig Murphy Contact
Biology Aysha Malik Contact
Jenna Kahane Contact
Leah Naghi Contact
Business Shu Lin Chan Contact
Sarah Sichel Contact
Sandra Luo Contact
Chemistry Bronia Goldman Contact
Noam Saper Contact
Anthony Nguyen Contact
Classical Studies Jennifer Scontras Contact
Brittany Joyce Contact
Benjamin Federlin Contact
Elizabeth Allen Contact
Comparative Literature

Joseph Babeau

Ryan Nicoll Contact
Computer Science Nate Rosenbloom Contact
Mustapha Isa Contact
Kelsey Lafer Contact
Rachel Burkhoff Contact
Creative Writing Ava Blustein Contact
Nikk Wasserman Contact
Dana Trismen Contact
Justin Kosek Contact
East Asian Studies Esther Cho Contact
Heather Yoon* Contact
Economics Sara Shahanaghi Contact
Felix Liu Ku Contact
Peter McQuhae Walton Contact
Uri Yahil Contact
Education (Email) Zoe Oppenheimer Contact
Jessica Kramer Contact
Emily Beker Contact
Vinh Nguyen Contact
English Taylor Baker Contact
Helena Raffel Contact
Zuri Gordon Contact
Environmental Studies Adam Krebs Contact
Esther Mann Contact
European Cultural Studies Vanessa Lubiner Contact
Film Studies AB Troen Contact
Mariah Voronoff Contact
Roman Bulgakov Contact
Fine Arts (History of Art) Christina Kolokotroni Contact
Molly Channon Contact
Maya Himelfarb Contact
Fine Arts (Studio Art) Jun Zhao Contact
Marissa Lazar Contact
French and Francophone Studies Charlotte Erb Contact
Selene Campion Contact
Anjulika Sahgal* Contact
Jessica Steindler Contact
German Language and Literature Alexandra Patch Contact
Tara Loeber Contact
Elise Sobotka* Contact
Shanlai Shangguan Contact
Health: Science, Society and Policy Jen Mandelbaum Contact
Flora Wang Contact
Naomi Shine Contact
Hebrew Ethan Stein Contact
Hispanic Studies Jennifer H. Kim Contact
Sabrina Libretti Contact
History Ben Schmidt Contact
Omri Nimni Contact
Michael Kahnowitz Contact
Katherine Doody Contact
Independent Interdisciplinary Major Dillon C. Harvey Contact
Michael Kahn Contact
Int'l and Global Studies Hannah Anderson Contact
Jessie Miller Contact
Kochava Ayoun Contact
Zhen Zhen Chen* Contact
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Pinchus Polack Contact
Katherine Dowling Contact
Ryan Yuffe* Contact
Italian Studies Marino Pawlowski Contact
Sophia Baez Contact
Victoria Aronson* Contact
Ann Bodian Contact
Ralph Peso Contact
Journalism Rachel Gordon Contact
Language and Linguistic Studies Martha Schwarz Contact
Emma Hoyle Contact
Rebecca Loewenstein-Harting Contact
Lauren Davis  Contact
Latin American and Latino Studies Jacob Lurie Contact
Mollie Kravitz Contact
Legal Studies Haleigh Brockman Contact
Abby Rosenblum Contact
Heather Yoon* Contact
Mathematics Yitong Wang Contact
Zhihao Liu
Shiqing Yu
Medieval and Romantic Studies Ben Schmidt Contact
Dustin Aaron Contact

Zoe Fong

Nadav Pearl  Contact
Mariah Smith-Jones  Contact
Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Hannah Kober Contact
Ariana Berlin Contact
Sara Fried Contact
Neuroscience (Email) Jessica Young Contact
Kathryn Hu Contact
Joshua Waxenbaum Contact
Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Jacklyn Gil Contact
Benjamin Hill Contact
Philosophy Dina Kapengut Contact
David Altman Contact
Jack (Zev) Hait Contact
Physics Kathryn Weil Contact
Emily Pruc Contact
Politics Daniel Marks Contact
David Clements Contact
Heather Yoon* Contact
Linda Nakagawa Contact
Psychology Aliza Shapiro Contact
Bridgette Tran Contact
Avi Fuld Contact
Talia Portal* Contact
Religious Studies Rosanne Libretti Contact
Russian Studies David Benger Contact
Maria Alkhasova Contact
Joseph Babeu Contact
Social Justice and Social Policy Haley Orlofsky


Sneha Walia Contact
Sociology Sarah Zoloth Contact
Raustin Hernandez Contact
Samantha Gordon Contact
Meredith van der Walde Contact
South Asian Studies Marlee Rosenthal Contact
Ross Benar
Theater Arts Grace Fosler Contact
Nicole Carlson Contact
Women's and Gender Studies Christina Marcelus Contact
Hailey Magee* Contact
Samantha Daniels Contact
Amalia Bob-Waksberg Contact