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Matthew Headrick
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Matthew Headrick

matthew headrickAssistant Professor of Physics
Ph.D., Harvard University, 2003

Matthew Headrick's research interests lie in string theory and related areas of quantum field theory, general relativity, geometry, and quantum information theory. His current research is primarily focused on the intersection of quantum gravity, quantum field theory, and quantum information theory. He is specifically interested in information-theoretic aspects of holographic field theories (field theories that are dual to higher-dimensional gravitational theories), such as entanglement entropies and related quantities. He has also recently worked on problems in elliptic numerical relativity, which involves finding solutions to the Einstein equation of general relativity representing static black holes (typically in higher dimensions) and compactification manifolds, with applications to string theory.

CV and list of publications

Sample of Recent Publications

"Causality and holographic entanglement entropy," by M. Headrick, V.E. Hubeny, A. Lawrence, and M. Rangamani, eprint:1408:6300 [hep-th]

"Holographic holes and differential entropy," by M. Headrick, R.C. Myers, and J. Wien, eprint:1408.4770 [hep-th]

"General properties of holographic entanglement entropy," by M. Headrick, JHEP 03:085 (2014), eprint: 1312:6717 [hep-th]

"Disk entanglement entropy for a Maxwell field," by C.A. Agon, M. Headrick, S. Kasko, and D.L. Jafferis, Phys. Rev. D89: 025018 (2014), eprint: 1310:4886 [hep-th]

"Bose-Fermi duality and entanglement entropies," by M. Headrick, A. Lawrence, and M.M. Roberts, J. Stat. Mech. P02022 (2013), eprint 1209:2428 [hep-th]

"Strong subadditivity and the covariant holographic entanglement entropy formula," by R. Callan, J. He, and M. Headrick, JHEP 06: 81 (2012), eprint: 1204:2309 [hep-th]

"Entanglement Renyi entropies in holographic theories," by M. Headrick, Phys. Rev. D82: 126010 (2010), eprint: 1006.0047 [hep-th]