Martin A. Fisher School of Physics

Quantum and Gravitational Theory

The quantum and gravitational theory group works on a wide range of topics in theoretical physics, from string theory to quantum information, condensed matter, and cosmology.


Professor Matthew Headrick’s research interests include classical and quantum gravity, quantum field theory, geometry, and quantum information theory. His current research is primarily focused on information-theoretic aspects of holographic field theories (field theories that are dual to higher-dimensional gravitational theories), such as entanglement entropies and related quantities. Geometry problems motivated by string theory and gravity, and numerical methods for solving them, are a theme of his work..

Professor Albion Lawrence’s research includes quantum field theory and string theory, quantum information theory in quantum field theory and quantum gravity, early-universe cosmology, geophysical fluid dynamics, and physical oceanography.

Associate Professor Brian Swingle's research interests revolve around the physics of quantum information, especially in the context of highly controlled many-body systems, quantum field theories, and theories of quantum gravity. His recent work includes a major effort to understand the physics of chaos in quantum systems, and its relationship to information scrambling, black holes, and the flow of time. He has also worked extensively on the entanglement structure of many-body systems and holographic models of quantum gravity, and he has proposed several promising algorithms for use on quantum computers, including potentially near-term quantum computers.

Emeritus Members and History

Emeritus members of the group include: