Internship Search

What is an internship?

Components: skill development; substantive assignments; direct supervision

Benefits: valuable workplace experience; learning from professionals; new contacts; testing your "fit" in a field

Four Steps in the Search Process 

These are the essential steps in organizing a successful internship search:

  • Self-assessment: identify your goals, values, skills, interests, motivations and strengths
  • Research and network: learn about individual companies, roles and fields through targeted industry research and networking
  • Self-marketing: create individualized resumes, cover letters and interview skills that demonstrate the match between your experience and the position
  • Decision making: clarify your priorities to be able to assess and respond to offers and choose options that meet your needs

Two Search Strategies

There are two strategies for out about career opportunities: 1) search for internships that are posted on websites and 2) gather information about positions or potential openings from networking and research. Include both strategies in your search.

1) Posted Internships

The most comprehensive list of positions is on an employer's website. Some employers also post internships on other sites which offer a broader array of openings and may lead you to organizations that you had not heard about.

Start here:

2) Beyond Posted Internships

You can also get valuable information about organizations, current trends and potential opportunities by networking and also researching organizations that interest you.

Start here:

  • Network with professors, alumni, fellow students, mentors, friends and family to get information about organizations that you can then research and contact
  • Expand your network to include other professionals in your field
  • Research organizations whose work interests you, contact them directly to describe your interests and inquire about possibilities to participate in their work (if no information is posted on their website)

Hiatt Can Help

Meet with a counselor at Hiatt to help you clarify your interests, brainstorm possibilities and create individualized application materials that showcase your skills and experience.