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International Search

Long Distance Search

A long-distance search simply means that you are not in the geographic location in which you are seeking a job or internship. It is first and foremost a job search or an internship search like any other.

There are, though, some special considerations to keep in mind:

Time: A search from a distance potentially can take longer than you anticipate because you are not on site to get information or meet with contacts easily or directly. Plan ahead and allocate extra time for your search.

New Location: Learn as much as you can about the new location, including cost of living, transportation, local employers, key location-specific search resources and languages and/or required work permits or visas relevant to an international searchGoing Global has extensive, detailed information about 47 US and 6 Canadian cities and 40 countries around the globe.

Networks: You may have fewer personal contacts in your target location. Get in touch with Brandeis alumni through LinkedIn and use your personal network of friends, professors and family to get local tips, pursue informational interviewing and networking options and forge new relationships.

Visit: Consider whether you need to visit the location - before or during your search - prior to making a commitment to an employer.

Application Materials: Your resumes and cover letters should speak directly to the position and your interest in moving to the new location. Let the potential employer know why this is a great next step for you and the related experience that you bring.